• Taxi Control Bogota




    Los que usamos taxis en Bogotá tenemos un problema de saber cuanto nos cuesta la carrera, para eso esta aplicación se encarga de decirle a los usuarios a partir de la cantidad de unidades que tiene cuanto le cuesta. Características Novedosas: - La aplicación tiene en cuenta la fecha y hora para...

  • Ubuntu Colombia


    Inicialmente es un launcher para la pagina oficial de Ubuntu Colombia, próximamente mas funcionalidades

  • Be Avare




    You must take as much money as possible, to move between the worlds until the fiery underworld. Beware of negative objects because you only have one life!

  • Magical Figures


    You must keep track of the figures that appear according to their shape and so to get the most number of correct answers.

  • CrazyBalls




    Test your skill getting the requested numeric balls in the shortest time and later overcomes your own record.

  • Math Moles K12




    A math practice game, do you think you can master the addition substraction division and multiplication?

  • StreetAcrobats




    This is fun game about crossing a street it can be achieved by evading or by jumping the truck, it's a new frogger like game.

  • Kids Spanish




    This game is to practice some spanish within the animal category, expect in future updates more categories

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