• 彩虹家园--乙肝


    实用的乙肝知识与社区应用。 主要功能如下: 1) 乙肝知识宝典 2) 互助问答 病友之间相互交流,分享经验与知识

  • Secure Message Box




    If your phone is not with you (you leave it unattended somewhere else, or unfortunately lost it), will you be worried that some sensitive SMS might be compromised? In that case, Secure Message Box (SMB) is the solution. SMB App can protect those SMS by either manually selecting or automatically...

  • AutoReply Tapp (Autoresponder)




    When you are at movies, meeting, on car drive, or busy at something else and could not attend calls/SMS, AutoReply Tapp can automatically send SMS on your behalf, informing your inconvenience to attend his/her call. Basic features: --Automatically respond to both incoming SMS and missed call...

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