• Touch! Soccer




    Soccer game! You may control player intuitively. Before playing game, please see the help. This game don't support tablet devices. English version. Display resolution: 800*480

  • Ski jump jump




    tap to jump. You can jump once in the air. avoid snowman, falling,and bird. On boost,You need not avoid snowman, falling,and bird. Collect coin, and you can use another three characters. These characters have different spec of speed and jump height. English version. Tablet devices are not...

  • Truck×Truck




    (※Tablet devises are unsupported.※) (※English version only.※) (※There are some devices is not supported. ※) This game is a truck shooting.Please see help,to understand how to play game;If you clear all stages on perfect,you become possible to play reverse stages.

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