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PhoneTapper is a free phone call recorder with many features like : - send your recordings by email or bluetooth. - phone numbers are converted to names or pictures from contacts. - use Sony Smartwatch2 as remote for manual recordings (optional) - customized background XRecorder is the PR…

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Samsung S6 Button Flashlight

Change backlight timeout for navigationbar on Samsung Galaxy S6 - Default value 1500 ms - Always on - Always off - Flashlight 200 ms - Custom timeout 1500 - ? ms Unfortunately Android M (6.x) no longer supports change of settings Keywords: Galaxy button lights, S6 Edge, capacitive buttons, duration

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XRecorder is a phone call recorder with many features : -Wave codec (mono 8kHz) with automatic level adjustment, improved recording quality -Add a text note to a recording -Use Sony Smartwatch2 as a remote for manual recording -Record phone calls automatically Recording of bluetooth calls are not supported for all devices, at the moment) -Nu…

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