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Unit Converter

Unit Converter provides a simple method to convert a quantity from one measurement unit to another measurement unit. Select the type of measurement and then enter the value in the appropriate unit. The conversion for all units is then displayed. Units are displayed largest to smallest. Maximum displayed decimal places can be set for 1 to 6 places.…

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Simple Doodle

"Simple Doodle" provides a basic drawing pad for doodling. Pad is black ink on a white background without an eraser. Select the 'Doodle Screen' button from the introduction screen or the menu to bring up the doodle screen. A doodle screen may be saved for later reload. Only one screen is saved (save will overwrite any previously…

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Tip Guide

Tip Guide is a reference for travel tipping in the United States. Recommendations are provided for the more common situations that can be encountered while traveling within the United States. The amounts shown should be used only as a guide. The general areas and specific areas presented are: Airport Cart Driver Shuttle Bus Driver Skycap…

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Twelve Month Calendar

Twelve Month Calendar is a "back to basics" calendar providing a view of twelve months of the year on a single screen. The current date is displayed with a "blue" background. United States holidays are displayed in "red". Sundays are also displayed in "red". Preferences options: -Sunday or Monday as first…

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Tip Calculator

Tip Calculator provides a quick way to calculate and add a tip to a bill by just entering the amount of the bill. Tax can be excluded from tip by entering separately. Methods are provided to adjust the different elements from the default if desired: enter tip percentage enter a tip dollar amount enter a total dollar amount round the tip up or…

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