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    Start getting the sleep you need with the SleepHelp app from Advil® PM. Featuring essential tips to help you through every stage of sleep—from winding down before bed to getting through the day after a difficult night’s rest. Popular tips include: 

 • What types of foods can help you sleep • Why you should sing if you snore • How to create a sl…

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    Pfizer GoActive

    Pfizer GoActive is a mobile application designed especially for Orthopedicians where they can register and gain access to the most relevant and up-to-date practices in their field. 1. ‘ACTIVE MED’ aims at enriching clinical knowledge with • Demonstration of Depo-Medrol injection techniques • Complex surgical procedures • Intricate case reports fr…

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    Download Tateem Tateem icon

    Tateem is an immunization management and reminder app, designed for parents within the Africa and Middle East region and • Allows you to create profiles for each of your children with photos, immunization summaries and medical contact information to manage your child’s immunization schedules according to your country’s immunization program. • Al…

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    Download My Pharmacy Rules My Pharmacy Rules icon
    My Pharmacy Rules

    Pfizer’s My Pharmacy Rules. A great, fun way for pharmacy assistants to learn more about symptoms, conditions and better understand Pfizer Consumer brands. So what are you waiting for? Play now to start learning and challenge yourself.

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    Download Pfizer VR Medical Library Pfizer VR Medical Library icon
    Pfizer VR Medical Library

    Pfizer Virtual Reality (VR) Medical Library is an unbranded mobile application for physicians and their patients, which allows storing and viewing virtual reality - 360 degree medical educational content. The VR 360 degree content can be simply watched on a smartphone’s screen or through a google cardboards. The application is currently available…

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    Download immuNice immuNice icon

    This application is used to record the immunization of the child or adult as per the countries NIP schedule.

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    Download Know Your Pain Know Your Pain icon
    Know Your Pain

    Know Your Pain App is an app that provides users suffering from chronic pain a systematic way of recording their condition of pain, in terms of a set of predefined pain descriptors and a scale of pain. This record of pain condition is stored within the app in text form together with a line chart that reflects the level of pain of users in graphic f…

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    Download Kidney Cancer Planner Kidney Cancer Planner icon
    Kidney Cancer Planner

    Kidney Cancer Planner is a tool for people and caregivers managing a treatment for advanced kidney cancer (advanced renal cell carcinoma). This app includes information about a prescription treatment option from Pfizer. It enables you to keep track of your medication schedule and side effects, as well as create appointment reminders. Designed for…

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    Download Pfizer PRISM Pfizer PRISM icon
    Pfizer PRISM

    This is the event application attendees will use at Pfizer Oncology Annual Innovation Summit (PRISM). This will allow them to get access to up to date agendas, venues, activities and many other event related items.

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    Download MyClopine MyClopine icon

    The MyClopine app helps schizophrenia patients and their carer to monitor the progress of the patient’s condition. This can be done in multiple ways: • Blood Test tracking • Saving Doctor’s details and Carer’s Contact details • Provide Health Tips and Resources such as useful links • Preset Reminder alerts for Blood Tests and Doctor’s Appointments…

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