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Min Hovedpine

Beskrivelse Med denne app kan du registrere dine hovedpiner og tilføje detaljer om forløbet. Det hjælper dig til at få styr på hvornår og hvor ofte, du har hovedpine, hvad der trigger den, om der er sammenhæng med evt. menstruationscyklus, symptomer, medicinforbrug, anden behandling og meget mere. Min Hovedpine app’en er udviklet af Pfizer med assi…

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VaxiMate™ will be removed from the app store during August 2016 and will no longer be supported from this time. Current app users can export each individual’s recorded and completed immunisations under the ‘My Family’ section in the app. App users are recommended to delete VaxiMate from their device.

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Start getting the sleep you need with the SleepHelp app from Advil® PM. Featuring essential tips to help you through every stage of sleep—from winding down before bed to getting through the day after a difficult night’s rest. Popular tips include: 

 • What types of foods can help you sleep • Why you should sing if you snore • How to create a sl…

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Quitter's Circle

Quitter’s Circle helps you quit smoking with the support of friends and family, as well shareable resources, including: • Customizable Quit Plan with goals and milestones (e.g. doctor visits) • Inner Circle feed for sharing emoticons, stickers, and notifications with your Quit Team during your quit journey • Quit Fund tool where Quitters can as…

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Migraine eDiary

The Migraine eDiary app* is a free, convenient smartphone app designed for those who need to track migraines, anytime, anywhere. An interactive calendar, medicine recorder, and report generator collect and organize the details of your migraine experiences. Tracking your experiences over time can help reveal your migraine patterns. With the Migrain…

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Pfizer GoActive

Pfizer GoActive is a mobile application designed especially for Orthopedicians where they can register and gain access to the most relevant and up-to-date practices in their field. 1. ‘ACTIVE MED’ aims at enriching clinical knowledge with • Demonstration of Depo-Medrol injection techniques • Complex surgical procedures • Intricate case reports fr…

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Tateem is an immunization management and reminder app, designed for parents within the Africa and Middle East region and • Allows you to create profiles for each of your children with photos, immunization summaries and medical contact information to manage your child’s immunization schedules according to your country’s immunization program. • Al…

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A new app from Pfizer lets you track your child’s proper development with a fun and innovative game! With a friendly interface and vocal instructions you can track your child’s height and weight, and see their percentile. The measurements are saved in the app so you track you child’s growth continually. App features and benefits: • Growth and weig…

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Moodigo Track & Share Your Mood Moodigo helps you visualize, track and share your moods. A personalized mood diary packed with loads of features, Moodigo allows you to better understand your moods by making recording them simple, fun and social. Snap, Stamp and Share Your Feelings Moodigo makes mood capture easy and natural using either your…

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My Pharmacy Rules

Pfizer’s My Pharmacy Rules is back! Packed with new game features and monthly prize draws, there’s more ways to win in Season 2. So what are you waiting for? Play now and start earning tickets into the draw!

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