• Space Potato




    Space Potato is an Arcade game you'll fall in love with! Help Dr.Potato to rebuild the constellations on a trip South-North, from the Southern Cross (Crux) up to Little Bear (Ursa Minor). Collect the Magical Circles to survive in space and avoid the explosives Rhombuses and the Bombs from...

  • Find My Way




    With "Find my Way", you can store your places and reaching them with the Navigation system! Have you been in a place but do not know how to come back? By the way you've seen a beautiful landscape and you want to show it to your friends? "Find my Way" is the solution! You...

  • Anagramma ITA




    Anagramma ITA è un semplice passatempo con 3 diversi livelli di difficoltà. Mettete alla prova la vostra conoscenza della lingua italiana! E' molto utile ai bambini, sarà un po' come giocare a Scarabeo senza le tessere per casa!!! Le lettere che compongono le parole da indovinare, vengono...

  • My English Words!




    My English Words is a simple anagram pastime with 3 different difficulty levels. Test your knowledge of English language! It's very useful for children, will be kind of playing Scrabble without tiles all around! The letters forming the words to guess are displayed in bulk randomly, object of...

  • Simple Audio Recorder




    Do what you expect, and do it well! Lightweight voice recorder app, plenty of amazing features: - Background Recording - User-friendly interface - Very simple grafichs that looks great on every screen (specially on AMOLED) - Share your recording with Bluetooth, Gmail, Email, SMS, Whatsapp... -...

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