PhatWare Corp.

  • WritePad





    WritePad's is a new input method for Android OS which aims to replace the on-screen keyboard with PhatWare's proven multilingual handwriting recognition technology and can be used for text input in any Android application. WritePad supports most Android Smartphones and Tablets and is...

  • PhatPad Lite

    PhatPad Lite




    PhatPad Lite is a free version of the PhatPad app that includes all the great features of full-featured PhatPad, except handwriting recognition. More than just another notetaker, PhatPad Lite turns practically any Android Tablet or a Smartphone into an advanced brainstorming tool by enabling...

  • PhatPad





    A uniquely powerful brainstorming tool, PhatPad turns users mobile devices into an idea hub where they’re free to handwrite notes with either their finger or a stylus, throw in custom drawings, and do so while ensuring that shapes and words all come out graphically sound and perfectly legible via...

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