Philip Garner

  • Venn Movie


    Movie Cross Referencer is a simple app which allows you to find actors who all appear in multiple movies or movies which all star the same actors. Data is obtained from the TMDb.

  • Movie-2-Movie


    So you think you know your movies? Movie-2-Movie is the ultimate test of movie knowledge. See if you can get from one movie to another by forming a chain of actors and other movies. With new levels delivered direct to your phone this game will keep movie fans entertained for hours on end. Feel...

  • Score Keeper




    Score Keeper is allows a scorer or umpire to keep track of a game. You can keep score for badminton, squash, table tennis and tennis. Score Keeper will keep track of who is serving next in the game (and the side from which they serve in badminton and squash). Score keeper has full support of...

  • Napkin Calculator




    Napkin Calculator is not like other bill splitting apps. Other bill splitters will take the total amount of your bill and divide it between the number of people, this isn't always fair. Napkin Calculator will split a bill and take into consideration that people have had different meals. This...

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