Philipp Mangelow

  • Throughput





    Android app to monitor the throughput of your network connections. Inspired by the similar app Network speed. Code:

  • SlideItLoud





    This app is only interesting for users with a slide able physical hardware keyboard. This is the full version. Please try out the Free Version first! Tested with HTC Dream(T-Mobile G1). The app idea comes from the HTC Wings aka S730. Functions: - Enable loud speaker in call, if the keyboard...

  • SyncWifi





    WiSync didn't work for me, so I wrote this little broadcast service. * Automatically disable/enable the synchronisation of accounts if a mobile/wifi connection is detected. Good for people without unlimited data plans. SyncWifi is now OpenSource:

  • Network





    Just a shortcut to the RadioInfo from Switching between: WCDMA preferred GSM only and WCDMA only Especially if you want to use "WCDMA only", this setting is very usefull. ATTENTION: You can also change other things with this shortcut: USE IT AT YOUR OWN...

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