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Optical Telemeter

Easy to use optical telemeter which : - Measures the distance from the place where your stand to the target. - Measures the height of an object in front of you. - Magnifying glass to improve accuracy when aiming at long range or in poor lighting conditions. Easy to use inclination gauge / plumb line / inclinometer so that you can properly hang…

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Download French Dictionary French Dictionary icon
French Dictionary

This free french dictionary compiles definitions from public domain dictionaries as well as from Wiktionnaire ( ) Features french verbs conjugation ,at all tenses , mode and voice. Its an offline dictionary which also provided letter game solving capabilities. Text to speech ( vocal synthesis ) let you hear how a word sounds i…

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Download QR Code Scanner QR Code Scanner icon
QR Code Scanner

Handy , easy to use QR Code /Barcode scanner and fidelity card wallet . QR Code are those black and white square shaped images that let you access a resource without having to type the address on the mobile keyboard. Some bar codes are supported as well Known codes are interpreted automatically: Currently : - Android application download links…

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Download Rgb Color Picker Rgb Color Picker icon
Rgb Color Picker

Quickly find out the color you need with this color picker Features the most common color models ( hsv, hsl , rgb , cmyk , yuv ) Displays color in hexadecimal , along with each component coordinate , in the color palette . Real time color capture with camera and possibly flash ( This feature requires a phone powerfull enough,otherwise applicat…

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Download Petanque Petanque icon

A straightforward and accurate tool to measure distance between balls and jack in the 'Petanque' ball game. You only need to take 1 measure , instead of 2 with a real meter! 2 modes are cooperating to give you the best of speed and precision. Quick Mode ( Default mode ) In real time, aim at the jack and rank the winning balls looking at…

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Download Crew Rest Crew Rest icon
Crew Rest

Intended for airplane pilot and long haul flight attendant, which calculates rest periods. - 3 patterns available: 1,2 or 3 breaks for flight attendants. - advanced patterns for pilots : 1,..,4 breaks which possibily have different relative length. - 2 algorithms. Flight overflow is allowed or not - Optional rounding to 5 minutes. - 2 modes ( fl…

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Download Anonymous Unique Identifier Anonymous Unique Identifier icon
Anonymous Unique Identifier

This is application is intended for customers of shops using the corresponding fidelity card system: Its simply a anonymous identity card ( i.e. a unique identifier that does not rely on user data ) The main screen displays the identifier as a qr code ( ak…

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Download Loyalty Card System Loyalty Card System icon
Loyalty Card System

Easily manage your customer loyalty card with this Android device application. You can - Edit customer cards,to attach basic informations with the loyalty card. - Keyword search , including search expressions. - Associate a barcode ,qrcode , ... with your customer card - Easily manage accumulated client fidelity points. Common QR codes ( like…

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