• M100/B120 In.Sight

    M100/B120 In.Sight




    The Philips In.Sight wireless home monitor lets you watch over your home when you are away. Setup is easy, giving you instant monitoring from a smart phone. Push alerts tell you when motion or noise has been detected. The In.Sight app works with Philips In.Sight wireless home monitors, giving you...

  • LightingHub





    The Philips Lighting Hub app is your gateway into the world of professional lighting where Philips takes light beyond illumination. This app is an inspirational starting point for the professional Lighting industry. The app contains Philips’ complete professional lighting portfolio and showcases...

  • Philips MyRemote

    Philips MyRemote




    The Philips MyRemote App is an app to organize your TV viewing experience around you. It can replace your conventional remote control and offer many extra features from easy text entry to sharing media that is on your home network and much more! Control your connected Philips Smart LED TV with...

  • Philips Hue

    Philips Hue




    "Android Hue app: Meet the hue app. The amazing way to control every Philips hue bulb in your home. All in the palm of your hand. It makes the light switch look like it came from the Dark Ages. With hue, you’ll see light in a whole new way. It lets you play with tone, contrast and colour...

  • SENSEO® Up

    SENSEO® Up




    "A simple and fun way to see how the new SENSEO® Up fits into your life. Using Augmented Reality, you can explore the various colours and features of the machine. To get the most out of the app, print a marker and place it in your kitchen. Open the SENSEO® Up app on your phone and aim your...

  • Philips DockStudio

    Philips DockStudio




    The free Philips DockStudio app brings a myriad of unique features to your Android docking speakers. Enjoy one touch speaker connection, thousands of Internet radio stations worldwide, stream your favorite music to the docking speaker over Bluetooth and total control of sound settings. In Clock...

  • Philips Save With Lighting

    Philips Save With Lighting




    Reduce your electricity bills by up to 80% and see how much you can save by simply changing your existing lighting with Philips lighting. Change for Good by making the smart choice and create a greener world for you and your family.

  • Philips Light+Building

    Philips Light+Building




    Visit Philips Lighting at the biggest industry event of the year – Light+Building 2014! Always ready to hand: your personal Philips exhibition assistant, a straightforward tool that will conveniently guide you through the stand, providing interesting information and product innovations. •...

  • WeCall





    WeCall app helps you to manage conference call numbers and codes for easy dial-in access, saving you time searching through emails for details and ensuring your meetings run to schedule. Now, together with your WeCall conference speaker, you can host crystal clear calls from the office or on...

  • Philips AirStudio+

    Philips AirStudio+




    Philips AirStudio+ is the new & improved controller app for the Philips Wireless Hi Fi products – AW1000, AW2000, AW3000, AW5000 and AW9000 . Play & control your music from your Android phone , favorite online music service or choose from thousands of internet radio stations. Airstudio+...

  • Headset





    Philips created this simple and nifty app to be your ultimate Philips headset companion. The Philips Headset app allows you to customize the in-line controller button, select the best sound profile explicitly tuned for your Philips headset and easily customize the sound profile of your Android...

  • DiscoverMe LTP - Philips

    DiscoverMe LTP - Philips




    Use DiscoverMe LTP app to discover Luminous Textile Panels (LTP's) in a network. The app will automatically forward you to the Web UI (user interface), which is presented in the panel (LTP). Via the web UI of the panel, a user can control the panels in the network. The user of the app should...

  • Home Lighting

    Home Lighting




    "Sometimes it can be hard to imagine how a light will look in your home. Well, now imagining that is a little bit easier. Imagine seeing the lights you've chosen in your very own home as 3D images. Imagine being able to see how they'll look before making your final decision....

  • Philips Bluetooth AudioConnect

    Philips Bluetooth AudioConnect




    Philips Bluetooth Audio Connect Widget: one-touch pairing & connection with your Philips Bluetooth Audio devices. This app lets you add two unique widgets to your Android homescreen to let you automatically connect and pair with your desired Philips Bluetooth device. With one press of...

  • Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening

    Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening




    Experience the look of superior teeth whitening with Philips Zoom. The Philips Zoom virtual teeth whitening app for Android lets you see how pearly white your teeth can be with Philips Zoom. Flash your smile for the camera or whiten an existing photo, either way you’ll love the...

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