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  • Philips Back Pain Diary

    Philips Back Pain Diary


    Philips Back Pain Diary is an App supporting the Back Pain program for enterprise employees developed by Philips. It has a diary function to keep track of your pain, activity, mood, coping, and sleep levels and BlueTouch device usage as input for coaching.

  • Philips Smart Air

    Philips Smart Air




    Philips Smart Air App - Track and control air quality via your smart phone Philips Smart Air App shows realtime air quality information in Chinese cities and in combination with the Philips Smart Air Purifier, it lets you to track and control indoor air quality. Directly control the air purifier...

  • LightingPoS



    This application creates interactive lighting effects for stores showcasing the Philips Connected Lighting Ecosystem. In order to be unlocked, this application requires an agreement of the retailer with Philips Connected Lighting.

  • Airfryer app

    Airfryer app




    Welcome to the Philips Airfryer app, brought to you from the world’s nr 1 brand in low fat fryers. With the Airfryer, you can Fry, Grill, Roast and Bake. We hope you will find inspiration to cook tasty meals in an easy and healthy way.

  • Philips Hue

    Philips Hue




    Meet the hue app. The amazing way to control every Philips hue product in your home. All in the palm of your hand. With hue, you’ll see light in a whole new way. It lets you set the ideal lighting for every occasion. It’s clever, intuitive and connected. It‘s a whole new experience. We call it...

  • Philips energy light

    Philips energy light


    The Philips energy light app helps you to get the most out of your EnergyUp energy light. Do you lack energy sometimes? • Spending lot of time indoors with little or no daylight? • Experience dips at certain times of day, e.g. after lunch? • Finding it difficult to stay awake in the evening? •...

  • Grooming: Shave & Style

    Grooming: Shave & Style




    With the Philips Grooming app, you can find everything you want to know about male grooming – from shaving clean to beard styling. From personalized shaving advice straight from the experts, to salon-like recommendations on which styles would suit you best, an extensive how to shave and how to...

  • ProLuminaire





    You’ve been waiting. It’s here. Lighting designers, specifiers and sales professionals can now access our industry-leading luminaire portfolio anytime, from anywhere. Philips ProLuminaire showcases our brilliant array of professional lighting products. • Explore both indoor and outdoor products •...

  • LightingHub





    The Philips Lighting Hub app is your gateway into the world of professional lighting where Philips takes light beyond illumination. This app is an inspirational starting point for the professional Lighting industry. The app contains Philips’ complete professional lighting portfolio and showcases...

  • Philips MyRemote

    Philips MyRemote




    The Philips MyRemote App is an app to organize your TV viewing experience around you. It can replace your conventional remote control and offer many extra features from easy text entry to sharing media that is on your home network and much more! Control your connected Philips Smart LED TV with...

  • LightGuideNL





    De Philips Lighting Hub-app vormt voor u de poort naar de wereld van de professionele verlichting waar Philips licht breder toepast dan alleen voor verlichten. Deze app is een inspirerend beginpunt voor de professionele verlichtingsbranche. De app bevat Philips’ complete professionele...

  • LightGuideBE





    L’application Philips Lighting Hub est votre passerelle vers l’univers de l’éclairage professionnel où Philips conduit la lumière au-delà de la seule illumination. Cette application (appli) est un point de départ inspirant pour l’industrie de l’éclairage professionnel. L’appli renferme le...

  • SENSEO® Up

    SENSEO® Up




    "A simple and fun way to see how the new SENSEO® Up fits into your life. Using Augmented Reality, you can explore the various colours and features of the machine. To get the most out of the app, print a marker and place it in your kitchen. Open the SENSEO® Up app on your phone and aim your...

  • LED Road Calculator

    LED Road Calculator




    The LED Road Selector from Philips will help technical and creative lighting specifiers to define quickly the best recommendable LED lighting solution for their road and street lighting project. The tool incorporates all possible lighting calculations for different road and street geometries. By...

  • Philips Save With Lighting

    Philips Save With Lighting




    Reduce your electricity bills by up to 80% and see how much you can save by simply changing your existing lighting with Philips lighting. Change for Good by making the smart choice and create a greener world for you and your family.

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