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  • LightCollector





    The LightCollector is a Lighting inspiration photo app that allows lighting designers, architects, interior designers and others to inspire and be inspired by collecting and sharing images of light. All types of light - architectural, artificial, special effect or natural lighting are covered....

  • City Light Guide

    City Light Guide


    Use this inspirational app to guide and teach you about some of the most amazing light projects, from some of the major cities in the world. Unlike any other guide, this will show you the location, give advice on how to get there and give you a history of some truly inspirational lighting...

  • Philips SMART / Onninen

    Philips SMART / Onninen




    The Philips SMART / Onninen Lighting app gives an overview of Philips LED lamps and LED luminaires sold at Onninen. This app gives a quick overview of the different LED lamps and luminaires per category and their specifications. The app features the main application areas for the lamps and...

  • Philips DigitalRadio

    Philips DigitalRadio




    The Philips DigitalRadio brings a suite of cool, new features to your Philips DAB radio devices – including DAB Radio, FM Radio and music playback. These features enhance your experience with your Philips DAB radio devices via your Smartphone or tablet. The DigitalRadio app gives you easy...

  • Mini300 LED gen2

    Mini300 LED gen2




    With operating margins under pressure, companies are looking for ways to save energy. LED products like our Mini 300 LED gen2 luminaires are a perfect solution.Designed for petrol-station canopies and low-bay applications, these ultra-efficient retrofit fixtures offer outstanding light quality,...

  • Learn LEDs

    Learn LEDs




    Learn LED, powered by Philips Lighting University, provides in-depth information on LEDs, on the go. With the help of an extensive glossary, a variety of eBooks , enlightening videos and the quiz you can broaden your knowledge on LEDs in an easy and fun way. What are LEDs is a platform with a...

  • Philips SimplyShare

    Philips SimplyShare




    Think of this app as a part of your new Philips product, driven by SimplyShare. Using the activation code that came with your Philips product*, unlock this app and unleash your music, photos and videos and in a truly simple way. SimplyShare allows you to automatically find all products in your...

  • Philips Fidelio

    Philips Fidelio




    Philips will phase out the Fidelio Android app and replace it with the new DockStudio app. Please download it from Google Play Store. The Philips Fidelio app brings a suite of cool, new features to your Philips Fidelio docking speaker, including automatic Bluetooth connection, Songbird music...

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