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TicketTalker 3000 from 76® Gas

76 reminds you that the only way not to get a ticket is not to speed. But, have you wondered if there is an excuse that can get you out of one? If there is, it’s probably in here - the Ticket Talker™. Download it, and get a ton of alibis at your fingertips. 76. We're not just TOP TIER gas, we're on the driver's side.

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The Quiet Game

The game your folks tried to make you play is now available on a smartphone - It's the Quiet Game and it's even more fun than it sounds. See how long you or your little ones can stay stealthy and be careful not to fall for any of its tricks. Download it for free right here.

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Download Road Stress Reliever™ Road Stress Reliever™ icon
Road Stress Reliever™

Rubberneckers, Tailgaters, Left Lane Slowpokes - they’re out there, ready to make your blood boil. Instead of getting even, get some therapy. Download the Road Stress Reliever™ app. This soothing app will put you at peace, helping you forget about all the bumps in the road. Give it a try right now. Just please pull over first before entering road b…

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Download Pedestrian Horn Pedestrian Horn icon
Pedestrian Horn

Your car knows that sometimes you need a horn even when you’re not behind the wheel. Stuck behind a tourist on a lazy stroll? Waiting in line behind some serious space cadets? Yep, your car feels your pain. So it recommends The Pedestrian Horn from Conoco gas. With a gentle beep or a boisterous blast, this app reminds those slowpokes around you tha…

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