• Brightness Widget - Backlight!




    Backlight! is a free brightness app/widget for Android that changes your devices’ screen backlight with a single click. It also allows complete custom brightness levels. You can even assign it to a gesture or a main dock for easier access. NOTE: 1. Any extra permissions like read phone state...

  • Notepad by AgileNote! (Memo)




    AgileNote! Beta is a multi-input notepad for Android 3+ that enables users to quickly take notes with many different input methods. You can create Voice Transcription notes, Text Notes, Audio Notes, Drawing Notes, and Photo Notes. Have a thought? Click and speak your idea to AgileNote! and...

  • GameSquares - A N-Puzzle Game




    GameSquares is a n-puzzle number slide game based on a plastic game that every child had before computers, MP3 players, and iPods. It was a mandatory item for long car trips. It is simple and yet complex at the same time. Upcoming features: Ability to select custom image as the tiles background.

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