• Math2 Guide

    Math2 Guide




    NOW WITH HD CONTENT! In society high paying jobs demand someone who can take complicated situations and simplify them to a level that everyone can understand. Knowing math gives you the competitive edge needed to compete for good paying jobs. Math helps your mind to reason and organize...

  • Babysitting Guide [HD]

    Babysitting Guide [HD]




    ** APP RE-RELEASE - NEW & IMPROVED ** NOW WITH TABLET SUPPORT ** Top 10 iTunes app, now on Play! Being a babysitter is the ultimate "Role Model" position. Working in a family's home adds a level of responsibility that other jobs may not have. Babysitters have the unique...

  • Pre-Algebra Guide [HD]

    Pre-Algebra Guide [HD]




    A COMPLETE REMAKE OF OUR ORIGINAL AND POPULAR PRE-ALGEBRA GUIDE - NOW WITH SUPPORT FOR BOTH PHONES AND TABLETS Well paying careers demand skills like problem solving, reasoning, decision making, and applying solid strategies etc. and Algebra provides you with a wonderful grounding in those...

  • Punctuation + Capitalization

    Punctuation + Capitalization




    ** NEW RELEASE - SPECIAL PRICE! ** Same GREAT content, but now in HD and, optimized for both phones and tablets! Mistakes in grammar or punctuation can be annoying to a reader and quickly draws attention away from what is being written. These types of mistakes cause the reader to focus on the...

  • Disaster Readiness [HD]

    Disaster Readiness [HD]




    *** Seen on CNN and Reported in USA Today *** Don't waste time trying to search the internet in a disaster, this must-have app will help you and your family prepare and rebound from almost any DISASTER quickly and safely. Topics cover everything you’d expect from a Disaster Readiness...

  • Pre-Algebra Guide (OLD)

    Pre-Algebra Guide (OLD)




    ★★★ Check out our NEW HD version with Tablet Support and save a crazy 80% ★★★ Here ==> Well paying careers demand skills like problem solving, reasoning, decision making, and applying solid strategies etc. and Algebra...

  • Emergencia





    Guía de primeros auxilios de emergencia The 100% spanish version of our popular HD Emergency First Aid Guide! Los temas incluyen todo lo que necesitas de una guía completa sobre Tratamientos Y Primeros Auxilios para dispositivos móviles, para ayudarte a actuar con rapidez, eficacia y...

  • Guide de Premiers Secours [HD]

    Guide de Premiers Secours [HD]




    Guide de Premiers Secours et Soins d’Urgence - Now in HD! Cette application est une toute nouvelle version de notre déjà publié le «Guide de Premiers Secours» et contient du contenu HD, un numéroteur téléphonique international et notre interactive "CPR Clock" pour vous correctement...

  • Emergency First Aid/Treatment

    Emergency First Aid/Treatment




    Our best guide yet! Topics include everything you need from a complete mobile First Aid & Treatment guide to help you act quickly and effectively. Also included are notes for professional healthcare providers, international emergency numbers, our CPR Clock™ to correctly pace CPR,...

  • Pre-Geometry Guide

    Pre-Geometry Guide




    Our fast study guide contains over 300 rules, definitions and examples helping to make this subject easy and fun to learn. A GREAT mobile reference! Every day we use principles of geometry to help guide decision making and now the keys to this important subject can be at your fingertips!...

  • New Mom Guide

    New Mom Guide




    Now with even More Content! Becoming a new mom is truly an amazing time but it can be extremely lonely when you don't have people around that can answer the many questions you have, or relate to all the new things you're going through! Our New Mom reference guide helps and covers...

  • Pre-Calculus Guide

    Pre-Calculus Guide




    Calculus may not seem very important to you but the lessons and skills you learn will be with for your whole lifetime! Calculus is the mathematical study of continuous change. It helps you practice and develop your logic/reasoning skills. It throws challenging problems your way which make you...

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