PhonePhreak Software

  • Wear QuickAccess


    Wear QuickAccess gives you easy access to your favorite apps via a pull-down menu from the watchface. Choose which of your watch’s apps and functions you wish to access through just one tap: Settings, alarm, torchlight, Music, Google Keep, the Find my phone feature – it can be any you want!...

  • QuickMute Wear


    Tired of having to do a swipe down on the watchface, find the right icon to tap, and do a swipe up again, just to put your watch into silent mode (and back)? With QuickMute Wear, you can quickly mute (and unmute) your watch by pressing the watch’s power button two times (or three times when the...

  • Lockscreen Quick Silent Key


    Quick Silent Key offers the fastest and most convenient way to put your phone into silent mode. No more pulling down menus and tapping buttons – switch the phone to silent mode (and back) simply by holding down the volume keys. And best of all: it works that simple in the lockscreen, too! With...

  • StayLit Wear: Longer Backlight




    Do you find your smartwatch's built-in backlight timeout period actually quite short? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could adjust the backlight timeout to have the screen stay on a little longer? (So that not only you, but also your friends can marvel at that new watchface you just installed...)...

  • Blue Planet Watch Face


    Blue Planet Watch Face shows beautiful planet Earth floating in space – spinning around its axis in a loop animation. The time is displayed in a minimalistic 70's font. Made for Moto 360, Asus Zenwatch, LG G Watch R/Urbane, Sony Smartwatch 3, and Samsung Gear Live. INSTALLATION: After Blue...

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