• Sony Lenses




    Sony to show you the most practical and most affordable camera information, where you can view all the main parameters of the Sony lenses as aperture size, focal length, type, and offer other information. Program implements a list and brief details of the lens description page, the details page...

  • Canon Lenses




    35mm Canon series has become a pivotal force in the field by a growing number of professional, amateur recognition. Canon EOS series for the camera AFai new era of development of the EF series of lenses, from 14mm up to 1200mm total of nearly 60, both senior professional "L" head, there...

  • football team logo for england




    This is a simple application, which allows you to know more about football team logo. I hope you will like, and look forward to your suggestions for improvement. We will promptly update it, and permanently free of charge!

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