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Music Point

Visual creation of melodies using different instruments. You can easily create music compositions with one touch! A musical toolkit including instruments (piano, drums, guitar, harp, trumpet)

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Snake Lines

Addictive, fun and simple. This is THE snake game everyone is talking about! Glow Snake is an Android version of the classic snake game which was popular on the original Nokia phones. Control a snake line as it moves around eating stars and increasing in length. Game is over when the snake runs into itself (or a wall) five times. Game Features:…

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Converter+ is a converter application that provides quick conversion results. Application allows conversions in Area, Speed, Time, Temperature, Pressure, Capacity, Length and Weight.

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The scanner can recognize the bar code information and search for it on the Internet. You can also save the decoded information and look for it later. The application is very small, simple and absolutely free.

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Alarmics - simple alarm clock for everyday use. It has basic needed features and will not let you late! To switch it off you must pass simple game.

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