• Meeting Cost Calculator


    Calculate how much a meeting costs. If meeting is boring you can play a game of tic-tac-toe.

  • Speedometer HUD




    If you like the app, please rate it on the Market! :) Speedometer with a HUD feature and Google Maps integration. Put your mobile on the dashboard in your car and watch the speed reversed in the windshield. Clean UI with smooth animations. Switch between speed view/map view, HUD/regular mode,...

  • uNote notepad




    You note it all with uNote! Write text, take pictures, record sounds and attach to your notes. Elegant and simple UI with focus on quick note taking using only touch features. Notepad, widget, reminder, text-to-speech, gestures, share via mail/mms etc. If you use it don't forget to...

  • Child's Play




    Let your kids have fun with pictures and sounds of farm animals and vehicles. Toggle between sound boards and a game mode where you have to match a picture to a random sound. Moo, miau, bark, wroom and swish! Your kids will love it and you will get some peace and quiet. :) If you like the app...

  • UV Index




    NOTE: Showing only UV Index for Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. Shows today's UV Index on your location and a map of the UV zones right now. You can switch between forecasts and various weather types. The purpose of this app is to help people to effectively protect themselves from UV...

  • Quick surf




    Surf your favorite websites quickly and easily. Up to 10 pages can be saved and automatically opened when you launch the app. Why should I use this app instead of the regular browser with bookmarks? Because with this app you can avoid the step of each time selecting the web pages to open and...

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