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    My moviestar season2 for kakao

    Please note that this game is only available for KaKaotalk and supports Korean language. If you do not have KaKaoTalk application on your device, you are not able to play this app. Please keeping this in mind before download this app. ♥Change your new purchased hair at the vanity in the MY home for free. ♥ -> 4 New Hair styles are available at…

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    Download 소울슬래쉬사가 : 2D online 소울슬래쉬사가 : 2D online icon
    소울슬래쉬사가 : 2D online

    Midgard has reached a breaking point in an age of monster warfare. Its people are in need for a new type of Hero. A Hero powerful enough to slay the beasts and maintain the peace. Legend has it that a warrior so fantastic and heroic will need to be summoned. Enter the Soul Guardian. Hack, slash and dispatch a barrage of fantastic attacks to all…

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    Download Stylish Sprint : super runner Stylish Sprint : super runner icon
    Stylish Sprint : super runner

    Endless Dash! Jump! Flying! The powerful action running game, Stylish Sprint! Stylish Sprint is an action running game that you control a stickman who travels around the world in order to find treasure. You will experience extremely delightful and gratifying actions, such as jump, run, fly, roll, and smash obstacles through unique and adventurous…

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    Download Shadow ZIN: Ninja Boy Shadow ZIN: Ninja Boy icon
    Shadow ZIN: Ninja Boy

    Because ICS(Android OS 4.0) supports all android devices, Shadow ZIN: Ninja Boy is now available to play on any android device. Begin the most addictive SNEAKING ACTION for becoming a true NINJA! Dodge formidable obstacles! Kill gigantic enemies! To complete the crucial mission! Once upon a time, the master called forth his apprentice, ZIN, to s…

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    Download Shadow Nija escape Shadow Nija escape icon
    Shadow Nija escape

    ▶ Game Features ◈ Tension and thrilling infiltration action - Fun in the infiltration action that goes through many traps and obstacles, runs away from the enemy, or advances - Eliminate obstacles or eliminate obstacles, achieve the mission and reach the destination clear the stage! ◈ 60 Stages to Challenge - 60 stages of 5 layers with increasing…

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    Download ZZZ_Power Skate ZZZ_Power Skate icon
    ZZZ_Power Skate

    "Advent of the most challenging and thrilling casual JUMP-ACTION!! Does a clown dash as doing power skating for catching away people’s happiness? There is a jealousy clown over happy people watching his ridiculous figure. Finally, he takes out his MAGICAL POWER-SKATE to deprive them of happiness… ▶ Main Features * Mission! Forward ~ Forward…

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    Download 8th Floor: IQ Puzzle 8th Floor: IQ Puzzle icon
    8th Floor: IQ Puzzle

    A gorgeous 3D physics-based puzzle begins! Great challenges for your creativity! Assemble your gears in various 3D spaces on 8th floor. Absolutely, “8th Floor: Secret of Castle” is a totally new 3D puzzler you haven’t seen before. Dynamic red gears are spinning continuously. Your goal is transferring power to a pivot having flying flags by linkin…

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    Download Space Tornado Space Tornado icon
    Space Tornado

    The Planet Sweepers has come to the earth with their powerful tornado machine! Brand-new Catastrophic Action Game! Space Tornado! Come and join the cute alien cats of the planet sweepers! And Save the Earth against the unidentified villains! 1. Enjoy the Catastrophic action game with cute animal character! Alien cats of the planet sweepers can swe…

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    Download Fly girl Fly girl icon
    Fly girl

    Avoid hitting monsters that interfere with your flight. The fragile women may fall. Flying girls can enjoy with simple operation ~! A variety of job experiences for living Alba! If you just give it to me, I'll fix it quickly and accurately. Where is the end of the trip to be the best flying girl? Test now to see how long their flight will las…

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