• Dragon Speed Blast




    SHOOT, TRANSFORM AND ENERGY BLAST! From the makers of Dragon Sky Rush, a brand new anime action game! More intuitive controls and cooler animations then ever, this is fit to fill your thirst for anime battles. The energy balls are cooler than ever, the evil enemies like the Temple Samurai are...

  • Ken Bouken FREE




    A new form of anime action shooter with a great Story Mode! Ken Bouken is a exhilarating energy ball shooting and dodging, adventure, game! Destroy all the demons that stand in your way as you clear your path and find out more about the adventure and it's characters! Set in the same...

  • Dragon Punch




    Tap the screen to shot out energy balls and swipe it to use the famous Dragon Punch, an uppercut that will rip the screen apart and make things fly all over the place as you try to destroy all enemies or stop all the bouncing heads of panda bears and zombies from falling upon the ground, though...

  • Monster Puzzle RPG




    Follow Soleil's story as you battle it out through ancient caverns governed by the power of the Gods. Slash through monsters in this hybrid of adventure RPGs and Puzzles games, inspired by Knightfall from Megadev and also Puzzle Quest, as you have you wits tested against the monsters....

  • Dragon Sky Rush Ninja B




    The sequel to Dragon Sky Rush!!! The same, good anime rushing action, this time improved!!! Grab power ups and launch super energy attacks! Destroy enemies and go in to Super Mode to become even stronger! BOTH CONTROLS ARE POSSIBLE: touch ANYWHERE in the screen and drag to move the character! If...

  • 5.0

    Dragon Sky Rush




    Dragon Sky is a beat'em up game inspired by Dragon Ball and Yu Yu Hakusho anime

  • BAEL's Children - Prologue




    2 dungeons as you proceed through the story filled with tough enemies with one optional dungeon to trully test your skills! Follow the story of Jade, a girl who lives in the slum and, wishing to make life better around her, she comes across a special power that thrusts her in to a dark world....

  • Dragon Sky Rush 2




    Anime rushing shooter action at it's prime!!! Ryuuki returns for the continuation of his adventure! His objective is now to create a world where humans and monsters could live together, but can he succeed? Ryuuki can go in to Super Mode to become even stronger! Joining him, is Denki, a lazy...

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