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Love Tester

Love Tester is a Love Calculator! Find your true Love with Love Tester and post your result on facebook. Just write your name and the name of your lover and press calculate. Love Tester then will calculate the percentage of your love-compability, by using a 1132 years old algorithm. You can compare boys with girls, boys with boys or girls with gir…

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Pirates Vs Zombies

During a treasure hunt, the pirates encounter a group of islands, which is filled with gold and treasures. But it turns out quickly, that these islands are guarded by bloodthirsty zombies. Help the pirates to clean up the isles! Use different weapons like the cannon, a voodoo ball, rum barrels, different guns or parrots! Clean up the Isles and coll…

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Twist a Monkey!

It is hot... help the monkey to come into the water. This is a classic physics game, where you have to throw monkeys and stones. You win the game, when your monkey reaches the pool. There are 100 levels! This game is free from violence and perfect for kids. But it is also addictive enough for advanced players. Good luck and have fun!

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Day of Death

This is a App which computes the day on which you will die! It can also tell you the reason why you will die. You have only to enter your name and your birthdate and the app will use an old formular to calculate the date. Notice that this is a fun app. No app can tell you when or why you die. You can use it to frighten and trick your friends or ju…

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Hedgehog Missions

Help Harry to get into the pool to cool down from the heat by using physics and your cleverness. 100 levels ensure pure entertainment and fun! Get ready to cool down!

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Zombie Game: World of Death

Humanity has been infested by a phenomenon which reanimates recently deceased human beings as flesh-eating zombies! The humans have built a machine to stop them. A remote-controlled high tech catapult. And they have chosen YOU to controll it.

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Daily Horoscope

Daily horoscope is the perfect app to generate your daily personalized horoscope. You'll get a horoscope which fits to your personal conditions. This App is really cool! Try it, it's free!

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Ninja RUN

Turn your phone into a battlefield inhabited by evil witches and zombies. Your only chance to survive is to run and kill them. But be careful, this world is full of deadly traps like bloody saws. Only well-trained players with an excellent reaction may survive for a while! This game includes the Open Feint online highscore and the OpenFeint Achiev…

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Hedgehog Throwing

It's hot... Your mission is to help your little hedgehog to get into the swimming pool! The hedgehog Harry sitting on a swing waiting for the right position to jump. All you need is to slide on the screen in the right moment! It's all about physics and skill! Three levels for every taste. Try it, it's free :) Good luck and nice playing…

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Planet Jump

Jump from Planet to Planet and collect different items like cheese or candy. You can choose different players and travel through different worlds and planets. Over hundreds of different customize combinations are possible. This game is free of violence and perfect for kids. But it is also addictive enough for advanced players. This game is using…

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