• Top models live wallpaper

    Top models live wallpaper




    This animated models live wallpaper shows beautiful women in an aesthetic and definitely non-pornographic way. The images are from professional photographers and artists. Most of them are studio snapshots and real pieces of art. Nevertheless: The incredible attraction of these beauties keeps...

  • Mermaids live wallpaper HD

    Mermaids live wallpaper HD


    Mermaid fantasy live wallpaper Very stylish mermaids wallpaper themes that are combined in a (dynamic) live wallpaper: The right choice for fantasy / mermaid fans. Set it as your default wallpaper background and beautiful HD themes will begin to alternate. Many different transition options and...

  • Pink hearts live wallpaper

    Pink hearts live wallpaper


    This is a stylish and beautiful live wallpaper with many pink heart shapes and themes. Hearts were always a symbol for love and this app spreads exactly this spirit: Use it when you are in love, on Valentines day or just because you like the beautiful HD themes and want to pimp your device...

  • Glitter hearts live wallpaper

    Glitter hearts live wallpaper




    This colorful animated hearts HD live wallpaper show heart shapes with glitter and sparkle effect, glowing hearts and neon hearts. All heart wallpapers are full HD! It is the perfect app for Saint Valentines Day but can be used on any other day to express your feelings. Although showing love...

  • Hearts live wallpaper

    Hearts live wallpaper


    Incredible, lovely and MOST DIVERSE selection of hearts HD themes on Google Play! Not convinced? Check the online preview of the included HD themes: http://bit.ly/hearts-live-wallpaper This app provides the most complete hand picked selection of hearts, romance and love symbols HD themes....

  • Happy Day Live wallpaper

    Happy Day Live wallpaper


    Life is good. Enjoy it! This live wallpaper will brighten up your day. If you feel bad or depressed, it will be a small relief, and if you are full of energy and happiness, it will increase this feeling even another tiny little bit. Why it should do this? Well, this is simple: It will present...

  • I love you live wallpaper HD

    I love you live wallpaper HD




    This HD live wallpaper is ideal for Valentine's day, but it is not at all restricted to this day: No matter if your love is brand new and fresh or if you are married since 50 years: If you really love your sweetheart, then you love him/her for sure every day (a little more), so why not show...

  • Fire hearts live wallpaper

    Fire hearts live wallpaper




    Flames and fire are symbols for passion and hearts are of course the symbol for love. It is obvious to combine these symbols to create a strong symbol for love, attraction and partnership: Fire and flames hearts live wallpaper can be used on Saint Valentines day but this is not the only purpose....

  • Guardian angel live wallpaper

    Guardian angel live wallpaper




    They provide shelter and protection, they support us invisibly and are always on our side when we need them: Angels This live wallpaper is dedicated to those kind entities and tries to give you a visual representation and to remind you: You are not alone. You are guided, you are protected. This...

  • Fantasy worlds live wallpaper

    Fantasy worlds live wallpaper




    Foreign worlds, alien planets, dreamy castles, fantasy landscapes, mystical scenes, gloomy mountains, .... This live wallpaper presents a colorful and stylish selection of alien worlds. The HD wallpapers look reat on any device and the will inspire you and let you dream away. Some of the...

  • Wisdom live wallpaper

    Wisdom live wallpaper




    This is literally an "intention and peaces of wisdom" live wallpaper, with many good tips and advices. It supports positive thinking, faith, self esteem, and motivation and a positive and wise mindset in general. It includes hundreds of HD images that contain one or more sayings /...

  • Spring Fever Live Wallpaper HD

    Spring Fever Live Wallpaper HD




    Days are getting longer, the air is getting warmer, you can feel and smell the first precursors of the most wonderful time of the year: Spring is coming. This app celebrates it, reminds you joyfully and brings spring feelings directly from your Android Device! Enjoy beautiful, inspiring green...

  • Harmony & Energy Livewallpaper

    Harmony & Energy Livewallpaper


    Energy, Balance, Harmony......Feng Shui states it clearly: Our environment influences us. It has an impact on our thoughts, our feelings, even our health. So it makes a difference whether you surround yourself with nice or ugly things. It makes a difference how you arrange your desk, your...

  • Funny animals live wallpaper

    Funny animals live wallpaper




    This lovely and funny pets live wallpaper puts a smile on every face. Baby animals always do. But this kitten and puppies live wallpaper is different: It does not only include baby cats / baby dogs as other kitten and puppies live wallpapers do. It includes the FUNNIEST baby animals snapshots...

  • Space Galaxy Live wallpaper

    Space Galaxy Live wallpaper




    THE ONE AND ONLY Space live wallpaper bringing to you foreign worlds in HD: This live wallpaper offers the hugest HD selection of Galaxies, Nebulas, starfields, planets and other astronomy related themes in brilliant HD image resolution. Enjoy your travel along enormous distances, enjoy an...

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