• Happy Day Live wallpaper


    Life is good. Enjoy it! This live wallpaper will brighten up your day. If you feel bad or depressed, it will be a small relief, and if you are full of energy and happiness, it will increase this feeling even another tiny little bit. Why it should do this? Well, this is simple: It will present...

  • Harmony & Energy Livewallpaper


    Energy, Balance, Harmony......Feng Shui states it clearly: Our environment influences us. It has an impact on our thoughts, our feelings, even our health. So it makes a difference whether you surround yourself with nice or ugly things. It makes a difference how you arrange your desk, your...





    Celebrate your feelings if you are in love: Get reminded and enjoy them each second: This is the most romantic and most complete selection of HD themes applied to a romantic love live wallpaper: This is NOT only for Valentine’s Day, although we admit: it would also be also the perfect app for...

  • Harley Davidson Live Wallpaper




    This android live wallpaper is dedicated to a real American legend: Harley Davidson! If you own a Harley, then we don't have to tell you much about these awesome bikes...... There is only one serious problem: Unfortunately, you can't sit on it 24/7. We guess your wife, or at least your...

  • 7.5

    4th July Live Wallpaper FREE




    A compilation of well-designed live wallpapers featuring 4th July theme

  • Colorful Music Live Wallpaper




    You could also call this an "I love music live wallpaper" or "Music is my life live wallpaper". Let's see if this wallpaper is the right thing for you: 1) The first thing in the morning is turning on your radio which is water resistant so that you can take it with you...

  • US ARMY HD Live Wallpaper FREE




    Are you a proud member of the U.S. armed forces? Do you want to show your patriotism also on your cell phone? Want to show this cool app to your comrades? Be the first in your unit to install it and set a trend! The purpose of this live wallpaper is not to glorify war, weapons or violence. The...

  • Remote fart generator (RFG)




    Happy farting! RFG is one of the craziest and funniest apps.Convulsive laughter guaranteed with this funny trick / hoax app. You need 2 devices to use this app and play the trick. But it's worth this little effort! Ask a friend and plan the coup together! You will do it again and again........

  • 5.0

    Free Halloween Live Wallpaper




    Customize your phone with this free Halloween wallpaper

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