Pink Mobile Apps

  • Funny Ringtones: Sound Effects

    Funny Ringtones: Sound Effects




    Funny Ringtones: Sound Effects – Best ringtone app with cool sounds and tones for your mobile phone! Get this insane app right away and download ringtones for free! Choose from a variety of funny noises and sounds, and set them as your phone ringtone, notification and text message sound, wake up...

  • Nail Art & Hairstyle Catalog

    Nail Art & Hairstyle Catalog




    Get this girly app with video and photo gallery of hairstyles, nail art designs and makeup looks! This beauty app is perfect for girls who want to look stunning on their prom and wedding day or without any special occasion! -Browse our photo gallery of more than 500 hairstyles and find the...

  • Happy Animals Live Wallpaper

    Happy Animals Live Wallpaper




    Don't miss the chance to have the cutest 'Happy Animals Live Wallpaper' for girls! Enjoy watching the happy faces of "funny animals" on colorful backgrounds on this amazing live wallpaper! You will never lose the smile on your face! - Perfect girly live wallpaper for...

  • Lipsticks Live Wallpaper

    Lipsticks Live Wallpaper




    Get Lipsticks Live Wallpaper and glamorize your phone and decorate it with lots of beautiful “lipstick colors”! Choose the most beautiful background color and create your favorite live wallpaper! -Perfect girly live wallpaper for Android! -Interactive background-Tap anywhere on the screen and...

  • Makeup Tips PRO

    Makeup Tips PRO




    ♥♥ Learn how apply makeup perfectly and accentuate your beauty with this premium “Makeup Tips” app! Follow beauty tips and learn how to prep your skin before applying makeup! Watch photos of celebrity make-up styles and find the one that best suits your style! Watch video tutorials and learn how...

  • Love Live Wallpaper

    Love Live Wallpaper




    Doesn't matter if you're in love or not, you'll definitely fall in love with the Love Live Wallpaper for girls! Beautify your phone with lovely images of red and pink hearts floating on the colorful backgrounds! You will adore it! - Perfect girly live wallpaper for Android! -...

  • Kisses Live Wallpaper

    Kisses Live Wallpaper




    Get “smooch-smooch” marks all over your phone screen with Kisses Live Wallpaper! Choose the background color you like the most and enjoy your new favorite wallpaper with kisses and lips! -Perfect girly live wallpaper for Android! -Interactive background-Tap anywhere on the screen and new...

  • Teddy Bear Hearts Wallpaper

    Teddy Bear Hearts Wallpaper




    Isn’t the lovely “teddy bear” holding a giant heart in his hands the cutest thing in the world? Get this sweet live wallpaper for girls and enjoy watching picture of a teddy bear with his arms wrapped around a huge pink heart floating round your phone screen every single day! Select your favorite...

  • Teddy Bear Live Wallpaper

    Teddy Bear Live Wallpaper




    Imagine cute little teddy bears hopping on your phone wallpaper. This is possible with the new Teddy Bear Live Wallpaper for girls. Your favorite toy finally on your wallpaper! - Perfect girly live wallpaper for Android! - Interactive background-Tap anywhere on the screen and new teddy bears...

  • Water Lilies Live Wallpaper

    Water Lilies Live Wallpaper




    Want to have aquatic and vivid wallpaper for girls? You can have much more! Enjoy watching amazing water lily pond right on your screen! Pink, white or yellow water lily flower will improve your phone screen look and make it extraordinary! - Perfect girly live wallpaper for Android! -...

  • Pink Orchid Live Wallpaper

    Pink Orchid Live Wallpaper




    Enjoy watching lovely pink orchids on your screen! Plenty of gorgeous pink orchid flowers flittering around and the gentle, soothing colors of orchid bouquets will make you feel relaxed every time when you take a look at these orchid pictures at your phone! - Perfect girly live wallpaper for...

  • Peach Hearts – Live Wallpaper

    Peach Hearts – Live Wallpaper




    Make your phone look stylish with Peach Hearts- “Live Wallpaper”! Watch adorable hearts floating all over the screen and enjoy in beautiful background colors and designs! Great android live wallpaper for all the stylish girls! -Perfect girly live wallpaper for Android! -Interactive...

  • Snow LWP Live Wallpaper

    Snow LWP Live Wallpaper




    Snow Live Wallpaper' – the best decoration for your phone screen during the cold winter season! A long selection of different snowflake patters will keep this lovely season as long as you wish! Relax your eyes by watching snowflakes swirling and dancing on your screen! Bring the serenity and...

  • White Roses Live Wallpaper

    White Roses Live Wallpaper




    Want to have attractive and at the same time relaxing cute wallpaper for girls? Heavenly white rose photos blooming on your screen will make this come true! Various sizes of white roses and numerous white rose pictures will embellish your phone screen! - Perfect girly live wallpaper for...

  • Pink Hearts – Live Wallpaper

    Pink Hearts – Live Wallpaper




    Get “Pink Hearts”- Live Wallpaper and make your Android phone look beautiful! Cute Android live wallpaper with adorable pink hearts moving around your home screen and gorgeous background colors and designs! -Perfect girly live wallpaper for Android! -Interactive background-Tap anywhere on the...

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