Pitbull Development

  • 2CV / Dolly Engine Sounds

    2CV / Dolly Engine Sounds




    Engine sound from the beautiful 2CV :) Do you have a Flying Dustbin yourself? Do you have audio recordings from your engine which you would like to hear? Please email us with your recordings and we will incorporate them into this application. Ride on & have fun!

  • Lovely Rabbits

    Lovely Rabbits




    Pretty rabbit pictures and with funny sounds for your phone. Do you love cute rabbits? Then this app is here especially for you! Keywords: rabbit, pet, fun, picture, buck, bunny, capon, chinchilla, coney, cony, cottontail, cuniculus, doe, hare, lagomorph, lapin, rodent.

  • Burp Burp Burp

    Burp Burp Burp




    Your secret to win the burp-contest.. or to irritate your mother, girlfriend, grandma.. :) Contains lots of annoying burping sounds. (This app does not contain any girls, porn or sex material) I'm open to suggestions so don't hesitate to send me an e-mail if you find something is...

  • Dental Drill. Train your Fear!

    Dental Drill. Train your Fear!




    How do you feel before you go to the dentist? Are you scared? With this app you can train yourself. You can train to listen to the sounds of a dental drill without feeling the fear. Try it! :) Of course it’s a good idea as well to scare the crap out of somebody who hates the dentist.. Have...

  • Heroes





    Who is your heroes? Heroes include: Micheal Jordan, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Xavi, Manu Chao, Diego Maradona, micheal jackson, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley, Leonard Cohen, Jonathan Franzen, Bruno Mars, Lisa Jackson, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein and Michelangelo. (With Applause Sounds)

  • Ultimate Conversation Starters

    Ultimate Conversation Starters




    Conversation Coach / What To Talk About is a community of social animals. We believe * that every interaction between people can be fun and interesting if you know how. * that every interaction can become a hooking story for the next conversation. * that every conversation can become a...

  • Lovely horses

    Lovely horses




    Pretty horse pictures and horse sounds for your phone. Are you a true horse or pony lover? Then this app is here especially for you! - Several pictures of beautiful horses - And when you click on the pictures, they also produce horse sounds! Wherever you are, it feels like the horses are with...

  • What to talk about

    What to talk about




    Are you bothered by awkward silences in conversations? This app provides you with more than 100 subjects and questions to make your conversations run smoothly and energetic! Dear friend, As a cab-driver I had many conversations in my life. Most of the time these conversations were animating and...

  • Car Brand Logo Quiz Expert Ed.

    Car Brand Logo Quiz Expert Ed.




    This popular quiz contains over 60 car brands (Opel, Volkswagen, Corvette etc.). You can play it on different levels with your friends or alone. How many of car companies can you recognize? FEATURES ★ more than 60 logos and a small size of the application! ★ different levels! ★ best players...

  • Fashion Logo Quiz

    Fashion Logo Quiz




    Are you a Shopaholic OR a Fashionista? Some girls just buy fashion.. others buy a style. This quiz will help you determine what kind of girl you are. If you are a real fashion freak you will get a high score in this fashion logo quiz. Fashionista Women in good outfits strike a good pose and...

  • Dirty Fart Generator

    Dirty Fart Generator




    This man is farting without shame.. and also without smell :) Keywords: flatulence, gas, vapors, wind, lead, hint, wind instrument, nothingness, twist, current of air, tip, fart, breaking wind, air current, wind, farting, flatus, winding, malarky, confidential information, steer, malarkey, jazz,...

  • Lovely Dogs and Cute Pups

    Lovely Dogs and Cute Pups




    Cute puppie pictures and dog sounds for your phone. Are you a true dog and puppy lover? Then this app is here especially for you! - Several pictures of beautiful dogs - And when you click on the pictures, they also produce dog sounds!

  • Crazy Monkeys!

    Crazy Monkeys!




    Need a laugh? Those crazy animals will make you feel good in an instant! The monkey sounds in this application are from chimps, gorillas, squirrel monkeys and bonobos. Have fun! Check out our other Animal Apps as well!

  • The Annoying Mosquito

    The Annoying Mosquito




    Annoying mosquito with highly irritating sounds.. enjoy ;)

  • Lovely Guinea Pigs

    Lovely Guinea Pigs




    Pretty pictures of Guinea-pigs and funny sounds for your phone. If you're a fan of Guinea-Pigs, this app is for you!

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