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Truck Sounds

This is a simple app contains cool sounds of Top Trucks like DAF, Scania, Volvo and Mack. Are you a real truck-fan? Do you play Truck-games like Monster Truck Pro? Or do you have subscription on Truck-star? Then this app is for you! We’re constantly watching and thinking about improvements. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please send…

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Download Hot and Sexy Girl Quiz Hot and Sexy Girl Quiz icon
Hot and Sexy Girl Quiz

In Dutch we say “What comes from far is delicious”. What do you think? This game shows you sexy women from all over the world, and you have to guess from which country they are! This hot quiz contains over 100 pictures from hot girls with different origins. You can play this with your friends in the bar, or alone on the bench. The pictures are a…

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Download Fashion Logo Quiz Fashion Logo Quiz icon
Fashion Logo Quiz

Are you a Shopaholic OR a Fashionista? Some girls just buy fashion.. others buy a style. This quiz will help you determine what kind of girl you are. If you are a real fashion freak you will get a high score in this fashion logo quiz. Fashionista Women in good outfits strike a good pose and get the highest score in this addictive quiz! Start…

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Download Sexy Actors Quiz Sexy Actors Quiz icon
Sexy Actors Quiz

Do you always dream away at movies with Brad Pitt, or do you rather gaze at Ryan Gosling’s divine body? Then put your knowledge of the sexiest actors to the test with this quiz. This quiz consists of questions with random pictures of actors. You have to recognize them within a few seconds. How fast do you recognize Zac Efron or Ryan Reynolds? Sha…

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Download V8 Quiz - EXPERT Edition V8 Quiz - EXPERT Edition icon
V8 Quiz - EXPERT Edition

Are you a car-expert OR a real car-freak? :) This quiz contains over 50 different pictures of beautiful cars with a V8 Engine. How many models do you recognize? For this quiz we got inspired by Desert Car Kings and an episode of Greatest Sport Cars Ever on Discovery Channel. The following models are included: Amc Rebel Buick Grand National Buic…

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Download Chopper Sounds (Custom Moto) Chopper Sounds (Custom Moto) icon
Chopper Sounds (Custom Moto)

Do you also watch American Customs on Discovery Channel every Sunday? Do you also want to have a real Orange County Chopper to drive on the hot asphalt? This app will not give you the motorbike itself, but at least a few really cool sounds from different Custom Bikes, like Harley Davidson, Honda and Victory. Feel yourself as an Easy Rider with you…

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Download Dental Drill. Train your Fear! Dental Drill. Train your Fear! icon
Dental Drill. Train your Fear!

How do you feel before you go to the dentist? Are you scared? With this app you can train yourself. You can train to listen to the sounds of a dental drill without feeling the fear. Try it! :) Of course it’s a good idea as well to scare the crap out of somebody who hates the dentist.. Have fun! (No girls, sexual or pornographic content included…

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Download Burp Burp Burp Burp Burp Burp icon
Burp Burp Burp

Your secret to win the burp-contest.. or to irritate your mother, girlfriend, grandma.. :) Contains lots of annoying burping sounds. (This app does not contain any girls, porn or sex material) I'm open to suggestions so don't hesitate to send me an e-mail if you find something is missing. This app is similar to apps by Ndroidz Software…

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Download Coffee Connoisseur Coffee Connoisseur icon
Coffee Connoisseur

Imagine creating a flavourful coffee with a delicious taste. A coffee that takes you away to explore wonderful memories, while enjoying a full rich aroma of your freshly-brewed beverage. Would you like to know how you can create this cup of aroma-rich coffee with a taste of perfection in your own kitchen? Yes? Then the Connoisseur is made for you…

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Download Hot Actress Quiz Hot Actress Quiz icon
Hot Actress Quiz

Maybe you know Angelina Jolie, Marilyn Monroe or Nicole Kidman. But do you also recognize sexy actresses like Alexis Bledel or Amy Adams? With this quiz you can test your knowledge of hot female moviestars. It provides you with random female actresses and you have to recognize them within a few seconds.. fun to play against your friends. Check…

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