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  • Lovely Cats!

    Lovely Cats!




    Cute cat pictures and cat sounds for your phone. Are you a true cat and kitten lover? Then this app is here especially for you! - Several pictures of beautiful cats. - And when you click on the pictures, they also produce cat sounds! Check out our other Animal Apps as well!

  • V8 Engine Sound!

    V8 Engine Sound!




    Best V8 engine noise ever.

  • Motivation Coach VIP Version

    Motivation Coach VIP Version




    Take full charge of your life and experience the exhilaration of true freedom! Please, if you didn’t use the power of the free version of the Motivation Coach yet, for at least 21 days, do so first! You will be amazed by all the results you are about to achieve! •Do you want to get your fire...

  • Stop Postponing Now!

    Stop Postponing Now!




    With this new app you will get grasp on your life. It makes sure that you stop procrastinating and start acting today! In just 7 days you will be super productive, guaranteed! At a certain point in my life I was totally overwhelmed by all the things I had to do. My TO-DO list contained over 50...

  • 6.8
    Coffee Connoisseur

    Coffee Connoisseur




    Coffee Connoisseur is a compilation of coffee recipes with some interesting features

  • Truck Sounds

    Truck Sounds




    This is a simple app contains cool sounds of Top Trucks like DAF, Scania, Volvo and Mack. Are you a real truck-fan? Do you play Truck-games like Monster Truck Pro? Or do you have subscription on Truck-star? Then this app is for you! We’re constantly watching and thinking about improvements....

  • Motivation Coach

    Motivation Coach




    Take charge of your life and experience the exhilaration of true freedom! We're excited to have you here and can't wait to get you started on your path to your dreams! ★ How it all began ★ Five years ago I was travelling in a third-world country in South America. Next to my house was...

  • Capitals of the World Quiz

    Capitals of the World Quiz




    Of course you know that Washington is our capital. And of course you know Mexico-city is the capital of Mexico. But do you also know to which country Berlin belongs or where Rabat is located? Train and test your geographical knowledge of the capitals of our world. You can use this app to prepare...

  • Beer Plop Sound, always fun!

    Beer Plop Sound, always fun!




    Different beer sounds .. use it during a silence in the cinema, during your exam or at church :) This app is the perfect prank for a serious moment to change into small party .. whether you drink Bud Light, Budweiser or Corona drink ;) Enjoy! And let us hear what you think!

  • Flag Quiz - EXPERT Edition

    Flag Quiz - EXPERT Edition




    Are you good in geography? In this addictive game you learn in no time all the flags of the world by heart! This quiz contains over 200 flags to improve your topography. You can play this game alone or with your friends, parents or children. Functionality: • More than 200 flags. • Multiple...

  • Fun Human Organ Quiz

    Fun Human Organ Quiz




    Learn all the organs of the human body in this addictive English game. How fast do you recognize the lungs and the heart? Do you know the difference between the uterus and the vagina? This quiz tests your knowledge about the human body with this game reminding of Dr. Shiver;) Play this game...

  • Soccer Quiz

    Soccer Quiz




    Ofcourse you recognize players like Lionel Messi, Ronaldo and Xavi.. but do you also know soccer players like Phil Jones and Fernando Torres? With this quiz you can test your knowledge of football. It provides you with random footballers and you have to recognize them within a few seconds.....

  • Hot and Sexy Girl Quiz

    Hot and Sexy Girl Quiz




    In Dutch we say “What comes from far is delicious”. What do you think? This game shows you sexy women from all over the world, and you have to guess from which country they are! This hot quiz contains over 100 pictures from hot girls with different origins. You can play this with your friends in...

  • Sexy Actors Quiz

    Sexy Actors Quiz




    Do you always dream away at movies with Brad Pitt, or do you rather gaze at Ryan Gosling’s divine body? Then put your knowledge of the sexiest actors to the test with this quiz. This quiz consists of questions with random pictures of actors. You have to recognize them within a few seconds. How...

  • V8 Quiz - EXPERT Edition

    V8 Quiz - EXPERT Edition




    Are you a car-expert OR a real car-freak? :) This quiz contains over 50 different pictures of beautiful cars with a V8 Engine. How many models do you recognize? For this quiz we got inspired by Desert Car Kings and an episode of Greatest Sport Cars Ever on Discovery Channel. The following...

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