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  • Hot Actress Quiz

    Hot Actress Quiz




    Maybe you know Angelina Jolie, Marilyn Monroe or Nicole Kidman. But do you also recognize sexy actresses like Alexis Bledel or Amy Adams? With this quiz you can test your knowledge of hot female moviestars. It provides you with random female actresses and you have to recognize them within a...

  • Country Outline Quiz

    Country Outline Quiz




    The quiz contains all the country outlines of Europe. Of course you recognize the shape of your own country.. but are able to recognize the country of your neighbours? We build educational software because we believe we all can learn more efficiently by using our mobile devices. This quiz is...

  • Puch Maxi Pictures and Sounds

    Puch Maxi Pictures and Sounds




    For all the Puch Maxi fans :) Cool pictures and nice sounds. Do you have a Puch yourself? Do you want that in the app as well? Email the pictures and we will put them in the next version! If you have nice sounds of your Puch, you can email them as well. :)

  • The Funniest App

    The Funniest App




    This App guarantees LOL :) Do you like the Humor from Mister Bean, Bill Hicks or Charlie Chaplin? Then you'll like this app! It contains: - The funniest pictures. - Crazy laughing people. If you want to feel happy and need some great comedy! Enjoy!

  • Chopper Sounds (Custom Moto)

    Chopper Sounds (Custom Moto)




    Do you also watch American Customs on Discovery Channel every Sunday? Do you also want to have a real Orange County Chopper to drive on the hot asphalt? This app will not give you the motorbike itself, but at least a few really cool sounds from different Custom Bikes, like Harley Davidson, Honda...

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