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Sexual compatibility test

Sexual compatibility is very necessary for the proper functioning of two lovers because although they have different sexual preferences must be similars. A great physical atraction between two lovers does not necessarily mean that they are compatible for starting and maintaining a sexual relationship with a high degree of satisfaction. Since anci…

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Past life

The reincarnation depends on the behavior that you had in the past life. Now we have brought to your mobile phone using the astral formula of the Buddhism and reincarnation to know who you were in your previous life. Knowing who you were you You Can know if you're in tune with your soul or you zoomed out of the way you stated. Discover where t…

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Pregnancy Calendar

The application goes to you to explain everything what you need to know on your pregnancy and the stage development in which is your baby. We are going to explain week to week the different states and sensations that you are going to have, as well as to respond to the questions more frequent than they consider when having for the first time a son.…

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