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  • Fishbowl Photo Gallery (Donut)

    Fishbowl Photo Gallery (Donut)




    A Donut-only version of Fishbowl Gallery made available specifically for our fans using Android-Donut as a courtesy. New features & fixes e.g. video support, are available only on newer Android versions Enclair and above. Description Very fast, high quality image gallery & slideshow...

  • Photo Guard (Fish Bowl)

    Photo Guard (Fish Bowl)




    A powerful, 4-points multi-touch photo viewer & organizer with password protection that store your files safely on your device. Unlike many other photos app, Photo Guard does not sync/upload your files to websites. Photo Guard adds many enhanced features that are not available in our...

  • 5.0
    Photo Gallery (Fish Bowl)

    Photo Gallery (Fish Bowl)




    An excellent alternative to the stock gallery on Android

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