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  • How to Stop a Bully

    How to Stop a Bully


    Bullying is an increasing problem in our schools and in life. Bullies come in both male and female genders. Cyber bullying has devastated lives of those attacked and is hard to stop. In our bullying app learn: 1. The definition of bullying 2. How common bullying is and where it is likely to...

  • Stop Snoring Without Surgery

    Stop Snoring Without Surgery


    Snoring can be a serious problem as well as annoying. Learn what snoring is, what gender tends to snore more and what factors can cause snoring. Take a look at the physical problems of snoring including sleep apnea and the emotional problems of snoring in Chapter Two. Learn the reasons why...

  • Aquarium Tips and Tricks

    Aquarium Tips and Tricks


    Learn the tips and tricks to starting an aquarium. Watching an aquarium with bright colorful fish and peaceful water bubbling is a peaceful and relaxing experience. Set your aquarium up correctly and it is easy to take care of. Do it wrong and it can be a hassle. Learn the pros and cons of glass...

  • Diabetes Control

    Diabetes Control




    Free app about -- How to methods to assist you in controlling your diabetes. Includes information about diabetes diet, blood sugar testing, exercise and more.

  • Stress Relief

    Stress Relief


    Stress is one of the biggest health problems in today's busy world. Learn how to identify your stressors, what to do to relieve them and make your self more healthy as a result. Discover how to use controlled breathing, imagery and self talk to relieve your body tension and stress.

  • How to Treat Baby Colic

    How to Treat Baby Colic




    Many young babies get colic which can be distressing for the parents too. Learn about the causes of colic, different methods to treat it and how to make your baby more comfortable. Discover bedtime dos and don'ts, soothing baby accessories and resources to help you and your baby get past the...

  • How To Choose Garden Furniture

    How To Choose Garden Furniture




    Discover the different kinds or wood, metal and other garden furniture. Learn the advantages and disadvantages to them. Learn why some wood garden furniture will be a long lasting investment and beautify your home too. Includes online resources to some great garden furniture stores.

  • Weight Loss Tips

    Weight Loss Tips




    Tips to Lose 10 pounds or more. Learn healthy eating and exercise tips to help you lose those excess love handles, trim your thighs and buttocks and improve your health

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