• Ring of Fire




    Ring of Fire, also known as 4th King, circle of death, etc, is a very entertaining card game to drink with friends. Every player has to take a card on his turn and, depending on the card taken, different mini-games has to been played. With this application you will not have to carry cards to...

  • Music Challenge




    Music Challenge is a game where you have to identify the song that is being played. You will have 10 seconds for each song. The sooner you answer, the better score you get. The songs are taken from the Phone/External Memory, therefore you need at least 20 songs to play.

  • Ball Separation




    Ball Separation is a game where you have to leave the blue balls separated from the red balls by moving the central wall to make them bounce.

  • Monkey Memory Test




    As shown in the video below, monkeys have an extraordinary short-time memory. Can you beat them? Show that you can with this fun game ambiented like the real-life research. Plus, it has an other fun type of memory training (Challenge Mode) to show what level can you reach!

  • Random Card




    A useful application to get random cards. Number of desks can be chosen.

  • Nervioso (Nervs)




    Nervs is an entertaining playing cards game which needs good concentration and cold reaccion skills. React as fast as you can to run out of cards and win the game!

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