Planet Coops

  • POS Print




    POS Print is a Bluetooth point-of-sale printing solution for the Android™ platform. Why tie your projects to one printer? The goal of POS Print is to provide a WOPA (Write Once Print Anywhere) mobile, point-of-sale printing solution. POS Print prints documents, written in a simple ‘HTML like’...

  • Taximeter




    Taximeter, an Android™ simulation of modern taximeters in more than 30 countries throughout the world. Features: •Realistic “LED effect” appearance and operation •More than 50 predefined presets in over 30 countries ( see ) •Latest...

  • ViewPoint




    ViewPoint - an augmented reality (AR) view of the world. Unlike some other AR applications, ViewPoint comes complete with its own worldwide database of place names, mountain/hill peaks, castles, ruins, and monuments, so when you find yourself in the middle of nowhere without internet access,...

  • Sliding Picture Puzzle




    Android™ version of the classic sliding 15 puzzle game. Take a photo or pick an existing image, mix it up and solve it at your leisure. Features: •Variable grid size •Highlight cells in their correct position •Display cell co-ordinates •Rotate images •Variable blank cell position •...

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