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    Download Milk the Cow Games Milk the Cow Games icon
    Milk the Cow Games

    Do you wonder how a common hay day as a farmer is? Start with the basics and begin to practice your milking the cows skills! All you´ve to do is to fill the bucket of milk to sell it and gain money to invest in your milking skills, upgrade your cow or the buckets. Play in classic mode to compete against the clock, and see how fast you can fill some…

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    Download Amazing Block Amazing Block icon
    Amazing Block

    Get your brick as high as you can in this fun and challenging block game. Dive through spaces in the lines and avoid other bricks. More walls you pass more score you get. After each color change you will get more score for each line crossed.

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    Download Amazing Curve Amazing Curve icon
    Amazing Curve

    Light and curvy wire trying to make it's way. Simple and fun game play with catchy music, unlockable curve colors and Google Play Games leaderboards. Try it :) Music: Heartwarming by Kevin MacLeod http://tinyurl.com/m5qalsm

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    Download Flappy Doge Jump Flappy Doge Jump icon
    Flappy Doge Jump

    Wow such amaze, many funs! Play as The Meme Doge and jump across the columns to reach your ultimate highscore! Great addictive and challenging gameplay jump mechanics will bring you hours of fun! Do the flap jump and land safely on the next column, many funs! The all beloved funny theme with beloved doge meme and a different gameplay try it now…

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    Download Brain Speed Test Brain Speed Test icon
    Brain Speed Test

    Ready to test your brain speed? Touch the target as fast as possible. Don't let the target remain untouched. More times you touch, more score you will get!

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    Download Candy Blaze Candy Blaze icon
    Candy Blaze

    If you are a big fan of those fruit slicing games, but want something different. If you like candies so much that you want them smashed into pieces. Wander no further! This game is just for you! Fun candy crushing game. Swipe across the screen to slice those candies like ninja, but don't touch the X candies, because they are poisonous even for…

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    Download Dot Rush Dot Rush icon
    Dot Rush

    Fun and challenging game! The game play is pretty easy. Maneuver your dot through rushing enemy dots. Avoid red ones, collect blues for 1 point and greens for 10 points of score, but as the game progresses it will become harder. Can you handle the dots?

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    Download Galaxy Invasion Galaxy Invasion icon
    Galaxy Invasion

    The Galaxy needs you! Galactic invasion has started! Monsters are traveling through the cave of lost time to devour human kind! The Hero is needed to stop the invasion before all is lost! Will you be the savior? Travel as deep as possible, refuel when possible, because the supplies are limited. Collect coins to upgrade equipment, you also obtain c…

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    Download Ghost Fingers vs Knife Ghost Fingers vs Knife icon
    Ghost Fingers vs Knife

    Ghostly fingers versus your knife! Tap between the ghost's fingers as fast as you can, but be careful not to stab it into the fingers! Amazing old-school cinema effect and soundtrack will put you in a very creepy and full of horror atmosphere. Compete agains others worldwide or your friends via Google Play Games leaderboards! Hours of fun an…

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    Download 2 Doges - Space Run 2 Doges - Space Run icon
    2 Doges - Space Run

    Very challenge, such gameplay, much entertaining! Fly through the open space controlling two doge characters. Avoid your fiercest enemy the grumpy cat, which army comes in large numbers. Collect every interplanetary bacon so your doges don't starve. You will earn one point per each cat dodged or bacon eaten. The controls are simple, tap one d…

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