• Acorn Buster




    Travel to the magic forest, volcanic canyon, bee honey corridor, majestic waterfalls and other mysterious regions in search of magical acorns! HOW TO PLAY: 1) Tap and hold to adjust the position of the launcher and aim for matching color bubbles. 2) Remove adjacent bubbles by hitting at least...

  • 7.0

    Farm Frenzy 3




    Manage your own farm in a unique way

  • Street Fight




    Fight your way through the city and destroy all enemies. Prove yourself to be the greatest street fighter one city block at a time. ★★★★★ - "Brutally awesome. This is real street fighting." ★★★★★ - "The best fighter game of out there." ★★★★★ - "Good classic arcade style...

  • 6.9

    Keep Fishin




  • 5.5

    Slots LIVE!




    A simple slot machine application to experience the Casino feel

  • 6.0

    Bingo LIVE!




    A simple entertainment to test your luck

  • 6.8

    Jumpin Jelly Belly




    Make the jelly descend from platform to platform

  • 5.9

    Celebrity Quiz




    A simple quiz which tests your celebrity knowledge

  • PlayPhone SDK2 Sample




    Welcome to the PlayPhone SDK2 Sample for Android developers. With this tool, you will be able to quickly and easily integrate your Android game into our platform. ★★★ Features Include: ★★★ ✓ In-App Billing ✓ Data Storage ✓ Leaderboards ✓ Achievements ✓ Various user data...

  • Kung Fu Fist




    KungFu Fist is an awesome combat game! Our hero will defeat the powerful underworld forces. In the Southern and Northern Dynasties Period (420-589), Bodhidharma the Emperor Wu of Liang's son Xiaotong visited Bodhidharma taught Xiaotong mysterious Kungfu. Xiaotong carved the Kungfu secrets...

  • Mafia Blackjack




    Keep your friends close and your cards closer. Start with 1000 chips and see how you stack up against the mafia in this exciting and colorful Blackjack game. Immediately place your bets and show your skills. It's easy to place your bets, then hit or stand. Get up to 21 without busting. In...

  • Scary Blackjack




    Start with 1000 chips and don't be afraid to challenge the dealer in this exciting, colorful Blackjack game. It's easy to place your bets, then hit or stand. Get up to 21 without busting. In this game, dealer draws to 16 and stands on 17, and Blackjack pays 3 to 2....

  • 3.0

    Magic Marbles




    Create a square of fruits of the same type

  • Aces Squares




    The object of this game is to rotate the Aces until four Aces of the same color form the four corners of a square. The square can be of any size and orientation. Tap to rotate the Aces and click the arrow buttons on the left or right to change the direction of rotation....

  • 5.0

    Magic Jewels




    Create a square of jewels of the same type

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