• 7.0

    Farm Frenzy 3




    Manage your own farm in a unique way

  • Street Fight




    Fight your way through the city and destroy all enemies. Prove yourself to be the greatest street fighter one city block at a time. ★★★★★ - "Brutally awesome. This is real street fighting." ★★★★★ - "The best fighter game of out there." ★★★★★ - "Good classic arcade style...

  • Acorn Buster




    Travel to the magic forest, volcanic canyon, bee honey corridor, majestic waterfalls and other mysterious regions in search of magical acorns! HOW TO PLAY: 1) Tap and hold to adjust the position of the launcher and aim for matching color bubbles. 2) Remove adjacent bubbles by hitting at least...

  • 6.9

    Keep Fishin




  • 5.5

    Slots LIVE!




    A simple slot machine application to experience the Casino feel

  • 6.0

    Bingo LIVE!




    A simple entertainment to test your luck

  • Acorn Buster Promo




    Acorn Busters Promo - Same great game with better value on cash up to 30% bonus on purchases! *********************** This version is not compatible with our previous version, your game data will not be imported. *********************** Travel to the magic forest, volcanic canyon, bee honey...

  • Manic Panic Defense




    There is a big monster on the lutan Star system. Rulers from that galaxy have fought with sujia star system for years, the cause may be due to time warp portal developed by the lutan in secret. The Lutan forces are teleporting to our star system to wage war. You have to stop there assault and...

  • 6.8

    Jumpin Jelly Belly




    Make the jelly descend from platform to platform

  • Combat Ace




    In 1945, near the end of World War II, a member of the aircraft reconnaissance mission and his plane never returned. Everyone thought you were missing in action, in fact, only you know, you survived but the happy and fun time is always short, the progress of civilization is at risk because of the...

  • Doodle IQ Challenge




    Try the Doodle IQ Challenge game where you will answer a series of simple questions. If you are really intelligent, you will certainly have no problem to answer them. Or will you? It’s your play now, so let the game tell you who you actually are. SAME GREAT GAME: NEW PLAYPHONE PLATFORM ENABLED...

  • 5.9

    Celebrity Quiz




    A simple quiz which tests your celebrity knowledge

  • PlayPhone SDK2 Sample




    Welcome to the PlayPhone SDK2 Sample for Android developers. With this tool, you will be able to quickly and easily integrate your Android game into our platform. ★★★ Features Include: ★★★ ✓ In-App Billing ✓ Data Storage ✓ Leaderboards ✓ Achievements ✓ Various user data...

  • BroomHillda’s Pets




    Broom-Hilda has lost her favorite pet,  so she is on a mission to collect
all small animals in search of a new best friend. Help her by tapping the screen to keep her airborne and navigate to collect the furry little creatures. Beware because there are ghost and ghouls out there looking

  • Kung Fu Fist




    KungFu Fist is an awesome combat game! Our hero will defeat the powerful underworld forces. In the Southern and Northern Dynasties Period (420-589), Bodhidharma the Emperor Wu of Liang's son Xiaotong visited Bodhidharma taught Xiaotong mysterious Kungfu. Xiaotong carved the Kungfu secrets...

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