• Journey To Egypt




    YOU are the next guardian of the Pharoh's hidden knowledge! Wield your dual weapons as you fight through hordes of brigands and strike from the sky against evil mummies. Uncover the deadly plot while slashing your way across the deserts and hacking through the Nile to protect the innocent....

  • Blackjack




    Place your bets and enjoy real casino style Blackjack action without risking real money! One of the world's most popular card games! -------------------------------------------------- Get the inside connection on PlayPhone games: 
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  • Classic Chess




    With thousands of players worldwide, the game features online multiplayer games against friends or random opponents. ★★★ Features★★★ ✓ Superb computer AI with six levels of difficulty ✓ Hot seat multiplayer ✓ 40 chess puzzles ✓ Global leader board ✓ Solo mode (includes time-limited game, start...

  • 7.0

    Burn the Rope:Worlds & Friends




    Social Burn the Rope

  • Tank War: Extreme




    Help save the Empire from enemy forces and emerge the hero in Tank War: Extreme! The final action packed battle is about to begin - grab your tank now! ★★★★★ - "Wow…just awesome. Gotta keep playing to win the battle!" ★★★★★ - "Great game. Tank is extreme!" ★★★★★ - "Like...

  • The Dark Man Free




    The Dark Man is a simple artillery game of shooting apples with out hurting the man who holds the apple on his head. But what makes this game unique is implementing physics in hurdles and design the levels carefully to make the players excited. Start playing The Dark Man now!...

  • Max & Mia




    Max & Mia need your help! Join Max & Mia through the ice caves on an exciting puzzle adventure! ★★★★★ - "Cool game…love it" ★★★★★ - "Mind blowing" ★★★★★ - "Fantastic puzzle game" Embark on a puzzle-filled journey with Max & Mia retrieve the...

  • 5.8

    Pop and Drop




    A simple puzzle game which ends up being too short

  • Tanks vs Wizards




    Tanks are pitted against Wizards in this fast-paced multiplayer artillery game. Your goal is to destroy your opponents while avoiding enemy fire. Gain experience, unlock and buy more powerful weapons, customize your item slots, and have fun! ★ FEATURES ★ ✓Real-time deathmatch action ✓Various...

  • Jewel Quest Heritage




    Hit the trail with Rupert on a journey through the shrines and castles of Hernan Cortes' lore. Swap jewels and collect puzzle pieces to unravel a perplexing web of Jewel Quest family history. With over 175 new Jewel Quest Heritage boards, including 3 jewel-swapping modes, new surprises await...

  • Tomb Adventures




    Are you ready for tomb adventures? You wake up trapped underground, no other persons, no sounds, all you stuff is scatter through the tombs. Are you up for the challenge? Can you use the items you find and you skills to escape this mysterious place? In this unknown adventure you roam from room...

  • 5.0

    Farm Invaders




    Decorate your farm and sell your crops

  • 5.0

    Hamster Blaster




    Shoot the hamster as high and as far as possible

  • Ace Top Gunner




    More than half of the planet has been reduced to a colony, brave human fly in order to protect their homes. The remaining human civilization is preparing the continuation as ace warriors grab their flight suits, to regain their lost land and attack the base camps of the enemy ... Use Touch mode...

  • Sky Assaulter




    DEATH TO ALIEN INVADERS!! AN AIR BATTLE THROUGH THE GALAXY IS INEVITABLE!! INTRODUCTION The galaxy is on fire! The evil force is conquering the universe You, your warship and wingmen are ordered back to complete some unfinished missions and battle with the alien warships. You will play as an...

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