• Rock Soup


    Once upon a time, a mysterious pilgrim passed through a gloomy and isolated village, tired and hungry. The poor man asked the villagers for something to eat, but they were selfish, and they offered him nothing. So instead the pilgrim asked for an empty pot. He placed a stone in the pot, filled it...

  • The princess and the pea


    Once upon a time, there was a handsome prince who wished to fall in love and marry a beautiful princess. One day, he decided to leave his castle and travel the world searching for his true love. He met many princesses, but none of them were perfect for him. He always managed to find something...

  • Cinderella


    Once upon a time there was a young orphan girl named Cinderella. She lived with her wicked stepmother and was forced to work and clean all day, nonstop. Poor Cinderella!  Luckily, her fate was about to change! Cinderella’s fairy godmother would give her the chance to spend one magical night in...

  • Dracula


    Once upon a time, there was a young Englishman named Jonathan Harker who traveled to Count Dracula's castle in Transilvania. Jonathan was sent to teach the old Count about English culture, before he moved to his new mansion in London. However, what was meant to be a simple business trip will...

  • Drácula


    Érase una vez, un joven inglés llamado Jonathan Harker que realizó un largo viaje hasta el castillo del Conde Drácula, en Transilvania. La misión de Jonathan era dar clases sobre cultura inglesa al viejo conde antes de que éste se mudase a su nueva mansión de Londres. Sin embargo, lo que parecía...

  • Bella y Bestia


    Érase una vez, una joven llamada Bella cuyo padre había sido apresado por una horrible bestia. La muchacha se ofreció a ocupar su lugar, permaneciendo presa en el castillo a cambio de que su anciano padre fuese liberado. Con Bella en el palacio, todo parecía diferente. La dulzura y generosidad de...

  • Beauty and Beast


    Once upon a time there was a young and beautiful girl named Belle, whose father was captured by a terrible beast. Belle offered to take his place, and stayed in the beast's castle as a prisoner, so that her elderly father could be free. Everything changed with Belle in the palace. The...

  • The ant and the grasshopper


    Once upon a time there was a beautiful cicada that sang and sang beneath the shade of a tree. Nearby, her neighbour the ant worked hard to get ready for winter. She needed to collect enough food before winter arrived! But, she wondered, what would become of the little cicada when snow blanketed...

  • A Christmas Carol


    Mr. Scrooge is a crabby, lonely old man who only worries about money and work. Everyone who knows him fears him and his terrible disposition. Most of all, Mr. Scrooge hates Christmas. But something special is about to occur that will make this Christmas different! With A Christmas Carol, little...

  • Sleeping Beauty


    Once upon a time there was a young princess, who had a curse placed on her by an evil witch. The curse foretold that when the princess turned sixteen she would prick her finger on a spindle and fall asleep for one hundred years. Her worried parents, the king and queen, thought that if the...

  • Journey to center of the earth


    Professor Lidenbrock was a distinguished scientist who, one fine day, made a surprising discovery. He found a secret map to travel to the center of the Earth! He decided then and there to set off on a thrilling journey to the deepest depths of the planet. His nephew Axel and an expert guide named...

  • Tom Thumb


    In this classic tale, Tom Thumb and her siblings venture into the forrest in search of adventure! Dark places, chilly storms, and a hungry ogre are just some of the dangers our little friend will have to face. Will Tom Thumb make it back home using her cleverness and bravery? Find out for...

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  • Je veux être un pirate HD




    Je veux être un Pirate est une aventure au cœur de la mer, avec des sirènes et des chercheurs d'or dans un livre interactif pour les enfants. Profitez de cette histoire originale en rimes d'un jeune garçon qui voudrait être un pirate aux côtés d’un capitaine pieuvre et d’un perroquet qui...

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