• Good? - Barcode Scanner




    This is an unique barcode scanner app with an easy to use swipe rating mechanism. The main goal of it is to help you to find products you will like and avoid the ones which would turn you down. By scanning a barcode you have the possibility to rate it as good or bad. The simple rating...

  • Gravity Screen - On/Off




    Are you tired of turning on and off your device when you need it only for a second? Is your lock key hard to reach? Do you have a broken power button? This app can solve these issues by liberating you from the usage of the power button. It turns automatically your screen off when you put your...

  • Gravity Screen Pro - On/Off




    Install it only if you have difficulty to Unlock the Free version by In-app Purchase. If you have purchased this app and want to change to the Unlocked version: - unlock the Free version by In-app Purchase - send me the two purchase numbers or the two receipts you got from Google Play - and...

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