Plunge Interactive S.L.

  • Physics Zombie Buster




    Match two or more zombies of the same type to blow their heads! There are hundreds of waves of zombies trying to invade the city. Blow them all before they reach the top of the walls and infect the city! Your puzzle skills will be tested with hours of zombie busting fun!...

  • Radare Deutschland




    RADARE FÜR SPANIEN UND DEUTSCHLAND! Komplettes, fortschrittliches und professionelles Warngerät für Radare, mögliche Alkoholkontrollen und Standorte, an denen häufig mobile Radare versteckt sind. Zudem warnt Radare Sie vor gefährlichen Bereichen und Streckenabschnitten mit hoher...

  • Earth at Night




    Watch the entire world at night on a Google Maps zoomable and navigable view. This new global view and animation of Earth’s city lights is a composite assembled from data acquired by the Suomi NPP satellite. The data was acquired over nine days in April 2012 and 13 days in October 2012. It took...

  • 6.5

    Pixel Colors




    Pixel Colors is an addictive and brain-racking puzzle game

  • Speed Cameras




    SPANISH AND GERMAN RADARS! Complete, advanced and professional radar warning system. It can also signal possible breath tests spots, common points where mobile radars are hidden, as well as accident black spots and hot spots. Drive with confidence and safety. This is a powerful speed camera...

  • Ideal Weight (BMI)




    Are you in your right weight? Check it easily with this app. It will calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) and will let you know if you are underweight, in good weight or overweight. Just swipe your finger over the measure tapes to enter your weight and height and get the BMI value and also your...

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