• Cuidar y cuidarse




    ‘Cuidar y cuidarse’, app para los cuidadores de personas dependientes. Informa y asesora a este colectivo en el desarrollo de su actividad, mediante su autocuidado y consejos específicos para los pacientes. Puede descargarse la versión completa (incluye 26 vídeos y audio del texto) de esta...

  • BabyGame




    Very basic game to help small kids to enhance their psychomotor skills. It proposes to move a central shape to locate their pair in every square of the screen. Group D. PMI Group from UAH.

  • Game4Kids




    Great app for kids between 3 and 6 years. Fabulous animals appear in the screen and they speak when are clicked. It's free and without ads, or any special permissions. Group C. PMI group from UAH.

  • Kame rock duel




    Another new way to fight your DBZ characters! Challenge up to 4 players on one device with a version of the classic Rock-Paper-Scissors, but more expanded, with 6 elements, never seen (rear left times Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock). A new experience to your mobile for free! This is a...

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