Pocket Scientists

  • Home Run Birds Fun




    Once upon a Time in a Rainbow Forest far, far away from here a lot of colorful birds lived. They were happy, nice and friendly. And they got a quite unique competition, called whoooosh. Originally the word meant “the end of the day, when the young birds are going home before sunset”. It's...

  • Bad Bad Birds - Puzzle Defense




    In a world, far, far away, called Rio Grande... Peaceful birds lived in their towers working and having fun. Everything seemed to be quiet, nobody was angry. All lived in peace and happiness. But one day a special jewel got unearthed. It was big, wonderful, but it got an evil twist, that nobody...

  • Sponge Story: Surface Mission




    The story is as follows: Sponge and his best friend Bob decided to find their lost friends. They left their safe underwater residences and came out of water to the surface. The old bearded pirate saw as someone fished the poor little crabs, squids and starfish, but during the delivery to the town...

  • Jupiter Story - Episode I




    The time has come for you to be the pilot of an official space action. During your mission you will face countless adventures and danger, your way is filled with weapons fire and explosions. Not only enemy spacecrafts but various dangers and obstacles will make your ascending harder. Watch out,...

  • Death Racer Gold: All Vehicles




    In the gold version, you get everything: * No ads * No locked tracks * No locked vehicles Death Racer is an adrenaline-filled offroad racing game with awesome classic vehicles, damage, realistic physics and beautiful graphics, exicting game play mechanics and good fun! Our game combines the...

  • Escape From Rio - Blue Birds




    Your story is like a movie - a lonely bird somewhere in the big, south-american city feels, that he needs to going back to their roots. The jungle is calling him, even he grown up between humans, but the word of the blood is calling from far-far away from the jungle. The bird breaks free, and...

  • Death Racer Free: All Vehicles




    Death Racer is an adrenaline-filled offroad racing game with awesome classic vehicles, damage, realistic physics and beautiful graphics, exicting game play mechanics and good fun! Our game combines the offroad racing with weapons, powerups and other interesting elements. Use any means necessary...

  • Plane Heroes to the Rescue




    Are you tired of driving cars? You feel fire in your guts to conquer the air, to be the hero of the clouds and the blue sky? So don't hesitate, do it, like in the movies - be a Plane Hero! Fire up your expectations for the one of the biggest adventures of all times! Plane Heroes is an...

  • New Year Run: Countdown 2015




    Let's Celebrate! It's party time! Play New Year Run – Countdown 2015! It's a new and very nice New Year themed runner game. As in the case of the Santa game, there is a fun fact well hidden: New Year is not only an event, but the name of Santa's youngest distant relative, a nice...

  • Santa Claus: Christmas Gifts




    Christmas is coming. The most beautiful holiday of the year will be again full of joy and happiness. More and more trees are decorated, people play beautiful games, they are preparing they gifts - only one thing misses! A nice driving app for the holiday season, featuring Santa! Santa Claus, and...

  • Dead Walking - Survive Driver




    Nowadays the Dead are everywhere (movie, TV, games). Certainly in the real world they are resting in peace, but in the virtual worlds (in a lot of them at least) they escaped, and they are walking around as zombies. End even they are dead, they move, they feed, they do a lot of horroristic...

  • Penguins: Puzzle Island HD




    Did you ever heard about the Indian Ocean? In the southern part of that huge water there is a nice Island nation off the coast of South Africa, called Madagascar. The Island itself is the fourth largest island of the world! For many years Madagascar was just an exotic, but really unknown place to...

  • Offroad Heroes - Action Racer




    Off-road means challenge. Rally means sport. Off-road rally means a lot of fun. Off-road rally is a type of racing, where the cars are not very fine tuned, but they are prepared for rough terrains. In a virtual world those off road cars even can use weapons and power-ups to get over the...

  • Santa Run: Free Christmas Game




    Play Santa Run: it's a new and very nice Santa runner game. Fun fact is, that it's based on a short period of Santa's not to much documented lifetime, when the Sleigh was on a yearly maintenance, but Santa needed to start to deliver gifts and messages somehow, so he decided going...

  • Crazy Farm Racing 3D Free




    You own the roads of the farm. You are the speed in the country. Adrenaline stays behind you as you drive away with Fun. People only call you “Best Crazy Lightning” or BCL! Why? Because you are a mad tractor driver madly in love with speed, totally owned by fast tractors, fun and driving freely...

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