Pocket Scientists

  • How to Train a Draco: The Game

    How to Train a Draco: The Game




    Draco is simply is another name for the Dragon, the huge, mystical, magical beast from the fairy tales or the movies. Some people are trying to kill dragons in the movies, but not in this game. Others are smart enough to know, that the best ever mount are dragons, as they fly, they are powerful...

  • Escape From Rio - Blue Birds

    Escape From Rio - Blue Birds




    Your story is like a movie - a lonely bird somewhere in the big, south-american city feels, that he needs to going back to their roots. The jungle is calling him, even he grown up between humans, but the word of the blood is calling from far-far away from the jungle. The bird breaks free, and...

  • Plane Heroes to the Rescue

    Plane Heroes to the Rescue




    Are you tired of driving cars? You feel fire in your guts to conquer the air, to be the hero of the clouds and the blue sky? So don't hesitate, do it, like in the movies - be a Plane Hero! Fire up your expectations for the one of the biggest adventures of all times! Plane Heroes is an...

  • Bad Bad Birds - Puzzle Defense

    Bad Bad Birds - Puzzle Defense




    In a world, far, far away, called Rio Grande... Peaceful birds lived in their towers working and having fun. Everything seemed to be quiet, nobody was angry. All lived in peace and happiness. But one day a special jewel got unearthed. It was big, wonderful, but it got an evil twist, that nobody...

  • Farm Defense Puzzle

    Farm Defense Puzzle




    Your farm is in danger! It needs You! But don't forget: you are a worm. A nice, farmer worm. Your hard work resulted, and now you are the owner of a wonderful pumpkin house. Your house is your tower - you must defend it at all costs! Mutant zombie worms are on the loose attacking farms...

  • Bird Smash: The Hunting

    Bird Smash: The Hunting




    Are you tired of so many birds and bird-like figures to flappy around? They flappy time is over! Now you can hit them in this fast paced action game. You see a creature, that flappies, Smash it! Something tries to move between two columns? Hit it fast! Just heard some distant flapping sound?...

  • Police Car Action Driver 3D

    Police Car Action Driver 3D




    Enjoy the free use of speed, the freedom of all cars letting you go in this special driving game. Racing against the time and criminals is essential in the world of Police Car Action Driver, where good reflexes and skills are needed if you want to participate in the chase. This is no joke, no...

  • Ultimate Driving Collection 3D

    Ultimate Driving Collection 3D




    Did you ever dreamed of having a big collection of different vehicles in your pocket? Not only cars, but different utility vehicles as well? Now your day arrived! In the Ultimate Driving Collection 3D you get Trucks, Tractors, Bikes, Cars and other vehicles. In the varied challenges you can...

  • Little Fire Truck in Action

    Little Fire Truck in Action




    Kids love fire trucks. They are big, colorful, noisy and full of unknown and special machinery, including a big-big ladder. That makes most of the kids wishing to be a firemen when they grow up. This time your kids can get the driving sensation of a Fire Truck. Of Course, it's intended for...

  • Monster Truck 3D: Race Driving

    Monster Truck 3D: Race Driving




    Bigfoot - not only a mystic creature got this name, but a strange kind of car also, that you can drive. Those cars, are equipped with extremely big wheels and they cockpit is at a very high point - they are ideal for some off road fun. Driving them is a really unique experience, racing with them...

  • Spaceship Junior - The Voyage

    Spaceship Junior - The Voyage




    Spaceship Junior - The Voyage: Popular 3D action adventure game in endless space for boys and girls with cartoonish graphics The theory becomes reality It's not only a theory, but a fact - kids are the best pilots available, if we think about exploring the universe kids are so curious, that...

  • School Bus Driving Adventures

    School Bus Driving Adventures




    A real symbol comes alive and turns into a legend! A lot of kids already traveled in big, yellow School buses, others just saw them on TV or in a movie. The” Big Yellow” vehicle is always the destination of some happenings: sometimes funny ones other times exciting or interesting ones. And The...

  • Truck on the Move - Challenges

    Truck on the Move - Challenges




    Trucks are huge vehicles mainly for delivering cargo. They are the Kings of the road, but even the biggest road vehicles are able to race, and are ready for a little fun. Starting from a village you must drive your truck in the highways with your cargo, endlessly avoiding obstacles, traffic and...

  • Highway Speed Racing Game

    Highway Speed Racing Game




    Truly illegal but exists and a lot of people like it? It can be a lot of things, but in the world of highways it's the Highway Racing. A unique sport, that has no own racing grounds, has no own cars - racers use their own cars on the common highways to race. It's very dangerous - not only...

  • Stunt Biker From Hell - Turbo

    Stunt Biker From Hell - Turbo




    Stunt Men are special people - they can fly, drive any vehicle, they are risking their lives to do interesting and spectacular stunts. A very quick bike from Hell Nowadays stuntmen are getting their power and motors from Hell. Their destination is unknown, but they are very quick, and they help...

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