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  • PocketFMS EasyVFR for Pilots




    **Important** This app requires EasyVFR aeronautical & WX data to function. The required data is provided for free with an existing PocketFMS license, or by a yearly subscription obtained as an in-app purchase when this app is first run: -Europe 69.95 Euro -Australia/NZ A$59.95 -Canada...

  • UK AirspaceAVOID for Pilots




    PocketFMS has been providing flight planning and moving map systems since 2003. UK AirspaceAVOID, which has been awarded the NATS ‘Airspace Awareness Compliance Mark’, is a free version of PocketFMS’s popular AirspaceAVOID app, which has been specially designed for pilots flying in the UK. The...

  • AirspaceAvoid for Pilots




    AirspaceAVOID provides insurance against an airspace infringement, and it's the cheapest aviation insurance you're ever likely to find. AirspaceAVOID knows your position, altitude, speed and heading, and it knows where all the controlled, prohibited and restricted airspace is located in...

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