Polo Interactive

  • Kids Musical Toys- 110 Rhymes




    Kids Musical Toys 110 Rhymes is a game with 6 different musical toys with 111 musical rhymes for little children. Shake the phone for little kids to play the game. Music is well suitable for children as they have no lyrics. Interact best with little child through Musical rhymes. The game is...

  • CS Guns Animated




    This app has 28 CS guns including rifles, pistols, sniper, shotgun and machine gun with both semi auto as well as automatic guns. Complete Armory with real round and sound of each gun. Weapons are crafted with animation. A category of each gun has its own muzzle flash animation. Similar to...

  • Spider Web Shot




    Touch the spider to release web shot. A fun app crafted for enjoying. Both kids and everyone else can have fun. An animated web is thrown out of cartoon spider. - 3 Spiders - Fun Sound effects of shot. - Web goes from the top of phone. When in a get together, kids needs game to ping his/her...

  • Bat Shaped Boomerangs




    Bat Shaped Boomerang is the Only app available to show realistic motion. - 5 types of Boomerang used - Real Boomerang Sound effects - Rotation as in Real Usage - Two Backgrounds well-suited for app After the Bat Shaped Boomerang is thrown, This app shows how it works. How it kills the enemy...

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