Polyclef Software

  • 5.0

    EasyTether Pro




    EasyTether Lite allows you to use your smartphone connection to navigate on your computer

  • TourneyPayout




    Simple utility to determine payout structure for Magic: The Gathering tournaments. Enter the number of players and click the button. Payouts are calculated as follows: If there are 16 or fewer players, top 4 players are paid by the following distribution: 1st: 40% 2nd: 30% 3rd: 20% 4th: 10%...

  • Spades Free




    The classic card game comes to Android! Partner with a computer player against two computer players. This version has ads. Paid version has no ads.

  • Concrete Calculator




    This handy utility lets you calculate the required number of cubic yards for a slab. Just enter the length, width, and thickness and hit CALCULATE. Also includes a field for entering the cost per cubic yard to calculate the cost of the job.

  • ReceiptBook




    Never buy another paper receipt pad again! Enter the relevant information and have the recipient sign the receipt with their finger. Save receipts as images to your SD card, or email them to multiple recipients directly from the app. Email us with improvement ideas and feature suggestions.

  • AVR Sealed




    A simple sealed simulator for Avacyn Restored. Works best on tablets...phone screens are too small to view that many cards. Touch on a card name to see enlarged view. Sort by color, type, or rarity.

  • Easy Sales Order


    Easy Sales Order is designed for SALES ORIENTED small businesses on the go. This app is a wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) style app designed for 7" and greater Android tablets running 3.0 or greater. You can upload your logo, and add in your company information and then you are ready...

  • Save the Egg




    Save the Egg is a fun new physics puzzler for your Android device! On each level the egg is under the threat of destruction. Your task is to save it by building clever structures. Test your skills in 30 unique levels. Save the Egg!

  • Dominoes




    Dominoes comes to Android! Ahora soporta español. This version is known as Straight Dominoes, Fives Up, All Fives, or Muggins. Take turns against the computer opponent. Score when the ends add up to a multiple of 5. Play to a score of 250. Classic fun for all ages!

  • Save the Egg Demo




    This is the demo version of the physics puzzler Save the Egg. Each level has an egg under threat. Build clever structures to protect the egg from destruction. The full version features 30 levels. This demo includes the first 5 levels and is ad-supported.

  • Flick Hearts




    A great new way to play the classic card game. Flick Hearts is a local multiplayer version of Hearts. IMPORTANT: Flick Hearts requires multiple devices, each with a unique Gmail account to play. Please watch the video to understand how the game works before purchasing or downloading. Use a...

  • 5.0

    Golf Solitaire Free




    Golf Solitaire merges solitaire card game with golf rules

  • FrictionLossCalc




    A handy tool for firefighters! Calculate friction loss based on hose diameter, hose length, gallons per minute, and optionally, number of appliances (approximated at 5psi/appliance).

  • HairBook




    Are you a hairdresser, stylist, or groomer? Use this simple, handy app to store all your client information in one place. Store your clients' contact info and call them straight from the app. Store appointments and notes, such as the client's preferences (dye colors, etc.).

  • Match and Hatch




    Fun Match-3 puzzle action with a cool Easter theme! Match 3 or more eggs in a row to hatch them open. Earn points, level up, and find pets. Care for the pets you find by feeding and petting them to level them up. If you like matching games like Bejeweled and similar games, you'll love Match...

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