• 音速少女隊 - Photon Angels - β




    美少女 x シューティング x RPG 「音速少女隊」 オープンβ 参加者募集中! - - オープンβ限定でゲーム内ガチャが無料に - - ▼音速少女隊 - Photon Angels - とは 戦闘機と融合した少女「戦姫(せんき)」の教官となって個性豊かな戦姫たちを育成・強化し、あなただけの最強チームを編成してください。 ■■ 特徴 ■■ ・ スタミナなし!時間を気にせずプレイできます! ・ 最大4人のリアルタイム協力プレイ! ・ 豪華声優陣によるキャラボイス付き! ・ 戦姫たちの織り成すオリジナルストーリー! ・ オートプレイでシューティングが苦手でも楽しめる!...

  • YOKE NEKO - The dodging cat -




    ~ The story of the thieving cat. The cat procure food from a fishmonger in order to satisfy hungry kitten. ~ I defend a hungry kitten! (● ↀωↀ ●) (= ^ · ^ =) (° ω ° 〓) mew ♥ This is world-first; A green foxtail controller 'JARACON', is be loaded on this game! You can touch JARACON, and...

  • The Rainbow Beans




    You should help the beans that have been left behind on the moon. Grow the tree of the universe beans! You need a fellow of beans! You have to gather the beans! You can share some collected beans on Twitter and LINE. You might be fun than that game! ? Perfect free game! DOWNLOAD NOW! ◆ Story....

  • Snake and Frogs




    This is a Japanese game that tests your reflexes. Test your speed and accuracy with this simple and fun game! ~description ~ • Eat by tapping the snake when frog was baked moderately. • Don't eat a half-baked frogs. If do that, snake has a stomachache and snake's HP will reduce. •...

  • Tongue2 Chameleon




    v1.2 Bug fixed: tap control problem in high resolution display. ----------- This is a fun game for your free time now available on Android Market!! A hungry Chameleon came to the forest in search of food. There are many delicious-looking bugs in front of him. Is he able to eat full of bugs? ◆...

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