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  • ChessCast



    Chess Cast Do you want to see your chess games or the games of other on the big screen? Then this unique app is made for you! This is THE ONLY app that can show chess games on a TV by using the chromecast dongle. Simply load a chess game (pgn files) and cast it to the TV and play through the...

  • Chess Rating Pro

    Chess Rating Pro




    This handy chess rating calculator app can calculate the expected score, rating change and performance rating of your chess games. It uses FIDEs official rating rules and includes the new 400 rating difference rule used in the ELO rating system (most apps do not calculate correctly with this...

  • Rate Lecture

    Rate Lecture


    You sit at a boring lecture at school, university or at a business seminar.....sounds familiar? Then this unique app is for you! Here you can enter information about the lecture and rate it from 1 to 5 stars and then share that info with others or save for yourself for future reference. On...

  • Magnus Carlsen Fan App

    Magnus Carlsen Fan App




    This unique app is the only app on Android Play that offers fans of the current World Champion in chess, Magnus Carlsen, a lot of games and info. In this app you will find almost all of Carlsen's games that he has played throughout this career. More than 1600 games are included, sorted in...

  • Chess Openings

    Chess Openings




    This app is a virtual chess opening book. It contains more than 2000 opening variations all easily browserable from the opening list. Besides being an chess opening encyclopedia you can also store your own personal notes concerning any of the more than 2000 variations. All notation is in...

  • Chess Rating FREE

    Chess Rating FREE




    This handy chess rating calculator app can calculate the expected score, rating change and performance rating of your chess games. It uses FIDEs official rating rules and includes the new 400 rating difference rule used in the ELO rating system. You can enter game data and the rating...

  • Endgame Studio

    Endgame Studio


    Want to know if that chess endgame from your last game was really won, lost or a draw? Then this is the app for you! Simply setup the position on the board and press a button! This unique app is the only chess app on Google Play that you can use to analyse chess endings with 100 % perfect...

  • Chess Endings

    Chess Endings




    Chess Endings is a virtual reference on the most common chess endings. All the endings presented here are annotated with comments (in English) and they will teach you the techniques in a wide variety of common chess endings and what the theoretical results are (can it be won or is it just a...

  • World Chess Champions

    World Chess Champions




    INCLUDES ALL ANAND CARLSEN GAMES FROM RECENT CHAMPIONSHIP! This is a handy virtual World Chess Championship reference. It includes 39 title matches from 1886 until present time. It contains more than 800 World Championship chess games spanning a period of more than 125 years of chess history!...

  • Chess Middlegames

    Chess Middlegames




    This premium app features examples and explanations of key themes in chess middlegames. All premium content is created exclusively for this app by Grandmaster Julen Arizmendi, who is a professional chess trainer and also published author of "Mastering the Najdorf" (Gambit Books,...

  • Chess Players Database

    Chess Players Database




    Want to look up the statistics on your opponent in the next round? Look no further! This app can look up information about any chess players registered in the official FIDE database (FIDE is the official world chess federation). Or maybe you want to follow the progress of top players such as...

  • Matematik Quiz

    Matematik Quiz




    Denne matematik app til gymnasie niveau A (stx, hhx, htx, hf) er en sjov måde at teste på om man har styr på matematikken. Den er lavet som en quiz med forskellige kategorier, hvor man kan afprøve sig selv. Desuden er der en highscore liste, så man kan se hvor man måske har lidt problemer og...

  • Math Quiz High School Free

    Math Quiz High School Free




    This free math quiz app (English language only) aimed at senior high school (can also be used at first year in college) is a fun way to practice your math skills and check how much you know. It's made as quiz with 7 different categories where you can try your skills. There is also a high...

  • Dream Travels

    Dream Travels


    Get a beautiful screensaver that will inspire your next travelling plans and make you discover new amazing sights of our world! This app is a cool screen saver for you android phone or tablet - also known as a daydream in Android Jelly Bean (version 4.2 and newer). It will display stunning...

  • Learn Chess for beginners

    Learn Chess for beginners




    This chess app is for complete chess beginners who want to learn the game of the kings and the king of the games! Chess is one of the oldest known games that is still played today. With it's more than 1400 years history it is deeply ingrained in our cultural history and still fascinates more...

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