• Float View Network Monitor




    Similar to computer 360 Internet traffic monitoring suspended bar! Games online at the same time can monitor the network at any time the total flow, the flow rate. Supports all Mobile, China Unicom, telecommunications operators, traffic can monitor! C Network (CDMA1X, EVDO), G network (including...

  • Traffic Monitor Float View




    Game or Surfing at any time you can see the flow velocity,Traffic with the suspending bar. Supports all Mobile, China Unicom, telecommunications operators, traffic can monitor! C network (CDMA1X, EVDO), G networks (including GSM, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA), WIFI network statistics alone. Android1.5 and...

  • MIUI LED Flashlight




    An Android practical flashlight software,MIUI systems flashlight, add support flash multi-gear, multi-brightness. And strive to achieve the highest rate of mobile phone flash support. Thank you for your support and use! Multi-stall lighting with LED flash on the back of the phone, very convenient...

  • Hi Fonts




    Hi Fonts Fast the system font, modify the software in the professional The software has been integrated a variety of fonts 1: Integrated 6 kinds of wonderful Chinese fonts 2: Integrated 22 kinds of beautiful English fonts 3: Support for English, Chinese (Traditional UNICODE font) and a variety...

  • Engineer Mode Test Tool




    When it comes to engineering mode, and a lot of non-technical stream players are a headache. Phone engineering mode gives the impression that the blunt black and white screen, full-screen English and code commands, like a window back to the DOS system, although curious, but afraid of the phone to...

  • AT Command Terminal




    Android phone on AT command terminal tool! AT command terminal tool. ZTE and Huawei phones currently test only. Other brand mobile phone is not tested. Engineers need to be able to download. ZTE, Huawei series phones For example: ZTE V960, V880 cell phone Huawei C8500 C8600 C8800 U8500 and other...

  • Signal Monitor




    Desktop software displays real-time signal 1: shows C / G wireless phone network parameters 2: Display wifi parameters (scan AP information) 3: Desktop widget plug-ins, and other information display field 4: plug-in can be transparent, color 5: engineering mode fast entry 6: Support for real-time...

  • Boot Animation Assistant




    Professional security system boot animation and shutdown animation modify software Safe and efficient replacement animation Dynamic preview zip animation Suppor boot and shut animation replacement Support animation backup Support SD card storage boot and shut animation External zip animation...

  • Wifi Status Test




    This software can quickly and main features: 1: wifi various parameters, see the 2: test of the current network conditions.

  • A key fonts




    Dude, so that! A key system font beautification software The English font software a key replacement system Font substitution is divided into: 1: Chinese 2: Chinese + English 3: English The font backup storage path :/ sdcard / HiFonts / Backup 1: Note Root privileges application window, select...

  • Mobile Wireless Infomation




    you can easyly see RSSI LAC CID (BID NID SID) Phone information, the player can view their own cell phone including IMEI, network operators, whether roaming, signal strength and whether roaming and other basic information. In addition, press the option key, we can use more features, players...

  • Power Usage Summary




    Quick view of the power consumption sort of phone software Easy to determine which software power consumption is serious; Monitor their cell phone battery Optimization software to make the standby time is more durable

  • Advanced Application




    Management of advanced applications, which applications can be moved to the SD card, which application to uninstall, which can run at a glance. Main functions: A user application to run all applications, the SD card application classification list (2) application of search Application convenient...

  • Missing Switch




    A the Cock wire and all kinds of people to play the switch software absolutely fresh! Scenarios: 1: Let the kids play phone, click on the button (1) prevent careless children playing at phone; 2: Make your numbers instantly become an empty number, shutdown, shutdown, Red Button ② Cock wire was...

  • MIUI LED International




    Equipment design for your flashlight program! Incredibly simple, but very useful flashlight procedures. Will use your device camera LED / flash / screen as a flashlight. MIUI LED flashlight is currently the best LED flashlight on the Android Market application for the following reasons: - It...

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