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Poke it Together

Poke it Together with your friend now! Get bored with playing WHACK A MOLE by yourself? The most cute an exciting WHACK MOLE game is ready for you and your friend! This is a simple and fast two-player action game. Tested on: Samsung Galaxy Tab (performance is GOOD) Samsung Galaxy S2 (performance is GOOD) Samsung Galaxy S (performance is GOOD) Mo…

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Panda Runner!

Panda Runner!is a very exciting run and jump game.You can jump,or jump on to the sky, even fly.You adventure in the forest, village, city, country side and horrible castle. You must avoid the fire and the darts.This is a skillful game, you must consider every step to pass the level.Good luck! _______________________________________ How to Pla…

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Catch the Eggs

Catch the eggs, one of the most exciting game. ALL FREE. You must be quick enough to catch all the eggs and earn gold, you must buy proper items with your gold. Never let the black bomb break, or you will game over. You get high score and unlock achievement and then compete with friends from all over the world on open feint.

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Diving Chick

Daidai is a stupid chick, but he likes diving. So you must help him, shoot him with proper angle and strength. Sometimes you must keep away from the danger. Remember, Daidai loves ice cream, you can get score if he gets ice cream. Sometimes diving into water is very easy, but it is hard to eat ice cream. Help Daidai, with your wisdom. Devices test…

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Candy Miner

The Candy Miner game is a very popular game. The basic idea behind the game is to extract as many candies as possible. To do this you are armed with an extendable claw which is on a kind of reel. You must extend the claw at the right moment as it swings back and forth over the ground. There are obstacles to overcome and the game isn't as e…

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Ducky Diving

One day the weather is getting cold, water becomes ice. Please help Mr Ducky escape from the ice. Mr Ducky can swim under the water, but there is a time limitation. He must jump out from the water before he gets drown. Touch the screen and he will swim down, release your finger and he will swim up. Be careful of the ice block, Mr Ducky can not hit…

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