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Pocket MadLibs

Play madlibs on your phone! This classic word replacement game lets you create silly, non-sensical stories, guaranteed to give you and your friends lots of laughs. Comes with both original passages and ones taken from classical literature and is updated frequently to add new madlibs all the time! A great way to pass the time on a long road trip or…

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Download VibratorBot VibratorBot icon

Need control over your phone's vibrator, such as for a relaxing massage? VibratorBot is the perfect free solution for you. Choose between a continuous vibration and "pulses" of different speeds. Unfortunately, limitations in the Android SDK prevent us from being able to give you control over the vibrator's intensity. Allows you to…

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Hangman Attack

Based on the popular pen and paper game Hangman, this guessing game challenges players to figure out a hidden password before an innocent man meets his fate at the gallows in the corruption-laden kingdom of Stickonia. Only through saying the phrase of unbinding for their writs of execution can you save the hangman. Guessing a letter reveals any pla…

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Download MeterStick MeterStick icon

Turns your phone into an accurate ruler, with both inches and centimeters! Allows for scrolling down up to the 100 cm mark, making it a "meter stick." Distances calculated accurately in all but emulated (on-computer) environments. Users of custom ROMs and a select few phones may produce erroneous results -- please manually enter your phon…

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Download Zen Checkers Zen Checkers icon
Zen Checkers

Zen Checkers brings the fun of checkers onto your phone. Compete against your friends (by passing the phone back and forth) or against our super-tough AI. Can you beat him?

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Download PixelPop PixelPop icon

A fast, fun game where you double-tap clusters of 2 or more same-colored blocks to make them disappear. The bigger clusters you get, the more points you'll score, and if you wind up with fewer than 25 blocks, you can move onto the next level. Watch out, though, because at level 3 and level 5, the difficulty increases! Consider upgrading to the…

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Download GameKit GameKit icon

A toolkit to help use your phone for gaming. Includes a limitlessly customizable set of dice, a virtual scorekeeping pad, and a "chest" of super-casual games.

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Download Chronos Chronos icon

Chronos is a simple but elegant stopwatch for Android that lets you keep track of an infinite number of laps. We provide this for free in hopes you try our other applications, which provide more complex functionality. This app has no permissions, no advertisements -- just a simple, elegant timekeeping app. If you like it, please consider leaving us…

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Download Lights Off Lights Off icon
Lights Off

Our take on a classic handheld electronic game. Click on lights to turn them out, but the lights to the four cardinal directions around them will all toggle state, which means lights that were off may turn back on! Random games are ALWAYS solvable, as levels are generated by starting with a board with all lights off and pressing a random sequence…

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Download Yatta! Yatta! icon

Based on the popular game Yahtzee, Yatta! makes you weigh your choices where to score your rolls, in order to make the most of your points. Roll each dice up to 3 times per turn, but make sure you get something that works with your remaining score squares. Hate ads? Upgrade to "Yatta! Pro" for $0.99, and enjoy the game without them.

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