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    Download VibratorBot VibratorBot icon

    Need control over your phone's vibrator, such as for a relaxing massage? VibratorBot is the perfect free solution for you. Choose between a continuous vibration and "pulses" of different speeds. Unfortunately, limitations in the Android SDK prevent us from being able to give you control over the vibrator's intensity. Allows you to…

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    Download Hangman Attack Hangman Attack icon
    Hangman Attack

    Based on the popular pen and paper game Hangman, this guessing game challenges players to figure out a hidden password before an innocent man meets his fate at the gallows in the corruption-laden kingdom of Stickonia. Only through saying the phrase of unbinding for their writs of execution can you save the hangman. Guessing a letter reveals any pla…

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    Download MeterStick MeterStick icon

    Turns your phone into an accurate ruler, with both inches and centimeters! Allows for scrolling down up to the 100 cm mark, making it a "meter stick." Distances calculated accurately in all but emulated (on-computer) environments. Users of custom ROMs and a select few phones may produce erroneous results -- please manually enter your phon…

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    Download TetraVexed TetraVexed icon

    Play TetraVexed v2, the second major release of our challenging tile-based puzzle game. Arrange all the tiles so that color/number matches adjacent tiles. For instance, if one tile has a 7 on the bottom, it needs to be above one with a 7 on the top! Edges work as wild cards. Comes with 5 difficulty settings to vary the difficulty from trivial to br…

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    Download BACalc BACalc icon

    Fully-featured, ad-supported version. Now with metric! Like a night out drinking? Help do it more safely with BACalc, a tool for keeping track of your alcohol consumption and its affect on your BAC, or Blood Alcohol Content, the metric that decides whether or not you're over the legal limit!

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    Download Memory Attack Memory Attack icon
    Memory Attack

    Our take on the classic game Memory. Each level adds more tiles, and you must carefully overturn them all before your moves run out. Level 1 might be easy, but can you tackle level 10? Includes a high scores list.

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    Download Solitaire Golf Solitaire Golf icon
    Solitaire Golf

    A simple but addictive single-player card game -- clear the board of cards! You can only clear cards that are one above or below the current top card's value (Kings wrapping over to Aces). This unique twist provides fast-paced play with deceptively deep strategy. Perfect for touch screen controls. Includes ScoreLoop support, including a ScoreLo…

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    Download Zen Sudoku Zen Sudoku icon
    Zen Sudoku

    Are you a Sudoku addict? Or even just starting to play the game? Zen Sudoku brings a plethora of Sudoku puzzles to Android in a form optimzed for touchscreen play. Enjoy 100 Sudoku puzzles for free or double that amount (and enjoy the game without ad banners) with Zen Sudoku Pro for just $1.49, which is cheaper than any paperback Sudoku book! Puzzl…

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    Download QuadConnect QuadConnect icon

    ConnectQuad is based on classic games like Connect Four or Four-in-a-Row, in which the goal is to get four of your pieces in a row -- diagonally, horizontally, or vertically. The catch? Pieces are "dropped" in, meaning that only the lowest-level spot in each column is a valid target for a piece. You have to "stack" the pieces up…

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    Download GameKit Pro GameKit Pro icon
    GameKit Pro

    A toolkit to help use your phone for gaming. Includes a limitlessly customizable set of dice, a virtual scorekeeping pad, and a "chest" of super-casual games.

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