• ghost and spirits map




    Ghost Map is the perfect app for anyone interested in the paranormal and is a convenient way to access information on hauntings. Ghost Radar using GPS!!! ghosts, spirits, haunted house, ghosts towns in google map. gps location of ghosts. paranormal places. adds ghost towns and ghost tours

  • Spirit augmented reality




    Demons, Spirit, ghosts and entity Detector Camera! Zombie scanner and Ghost Detector augmented reality, funny camera app. Just point the camera at your friends and see Zombie. With the camera, you can follow any responses to surprise friends and see what they contain a ghost. Working on the...

  • UFO tracking in real time app




    GPS tracking UFO in real time app. The aliens among us. You always know when they are nearby. ONLY reliable information. Keep up to date with the latest UFOs geographical reports 2012! This is not a game!

  • stop Smoking video player




    stop smoke Subliminal Messages and hypnosis!!! How to Quit Smoking! Whether you're a teen smoker or a lifetime pack-a-day smoker, quitting can be tough. Just watch your favorite movies through this "Stop Smoking video player" Maybe you do not notice it but it works! Quit smoking...

  • UFO activity map, ufo tracker!




    The aliens regularly visit the earth. With the emergence of GPS is fixed. You can track UFOs. ufo tracker app!!! Keep up to date with the latest UFO geographical reports! This is not a game! add street view!!!

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